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An ancient engineering feat that harnessed the wind

Wind catchers are tall, chimney-like structures that protrude from the rooftops of older houses in many of Iran’s desert cities. In their simplest form, wind catchers harness the cool breezes and redirect them downwards either into the home or into underground storage rooms to refrigerate perishable foods. Studies have shown that wind catchers can reduce indoor temperatures by around 10 degrees.Shervin Abdolhamidi (BBC)

Emirates Slows Its International Route Expansion

You have to match so many things. Fleet availability, operational requirements. Even cockpit crew, cabin crew availability and aircraft type can mean that you have to reshuffle.Hubert Frach (Emirates)

Consumer trust in review sites like TripAdvisor falls by 25%

The limitations of relying on review websites has been highlighted by high profile stories of a shed being ranked one of the best restaurants in London and a plastic tunnel at a supermarket being listed as the most popular attraction in the Cornish town of Bude.ABTA

Norwegian overtakes BA for passenger numbers to NYC

Norwegian carried 1.67 million passengers to or from airports in the New York area in the 12 months to the end of July, compared with the 1.63 million carried by British Airways, data from the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey showed.Ted Thornhill (Daily Mail)

New York’s JFK Airport to get 2 new terminals in $13B transformation

A $7 billion terminal on the south side of the airport will be financed and built by a partnership of four international carriers — Lufthansa, Air France, Korean Air Lines and Japan Airlines. A $3 billion terminal on the north side will be built and paid for by JetBlue. […] Another priority is improving road and transit access. More than $1 billion in public funds will be invested in new roads to ease bottlenecks and congestion. The expansion will also double capacity on the AirTrain, a rail line that carries passengers from Queens’ Jamaica neighborhood.Associated Press

A Push to Modernize Airports to Fuel More Shopping

When revenue from airport amenities goes up, the fees airlines pay to use an airport can go down, which in turn can attract more airlines to offer service to the region.Christine Negroni (New York Times)

EasyJet Connects With Virgin Atlantic’s Long-Haul Flights

EasyJet is using its network of centrally located airports across Europe to offer the connectivity that has typically been a burden for legacy airlines. Flag carriers have often incurred losses from running short flights designed to fill their more profitable long-haul routes.Benjamin Katz (Bloomberg)

New-style TripAdvisor aims to be the world’s first ‘travel feed’

Currently in beta format, the new-style TripAdvisor will look to expand its community beyond travellers leaving reviews to include publishers, such as National Geographic, as well as brands and social media influencers. Travellers will be able to follow and connect with individuals or content creators who share information that is relevant to their interests and travel plans. […] Powered by what is claimed to be the world’s first “travel feed”, members will be able to discover more information when planning trips. As well as National Geographic, other publishers taking part in the scheme include Condé Nast Traveler, the Travel Channel, Business Insider and Insider Guides, PopSugar, Great Big Story (CNN Travel), Pandora Music, GoPro, Goop, NYC & Company (via its consumer-facing tourism website,, Nashville Music City, and The Knot.Rebecca Smithers (The Guardian)

Make way for the world’s first autonomous tram

The world’s first autonomous tram went on its first ride in Potsdam, Germany, last week. The AI-powered train quietly rolled along a 3.7-mile section of test track through the city in real traffic, even slowing down for teenagers who forgot to look both ways before crossing the street. The only difference between your average inner-city tram and this one was that the conductor wasn’t touching the controls, but was just along for the ride, according to the Guardian.Melissa Locker (Fast Company)

Genussreise in Kroatien: Istrien ist die neue Toskana

Wer sich heute, knapp drei Jahrzehnte nach Überwindung der Cevapcici-Diktatur, durch diese mediterrane Gegend probiert, findet vielerorts Menschen mit Pioniergeist, die aus hochwertigen lokalen Zutaten Spezialitäten von überragender Qualität zubereiten. Diese neue Generation von Winzern und Köchen, Trüffelsuchern und Olivenbauern beweist: Istrien braucht sich hinter den Genussregionen West- und Südeuropas nicht zu verstecken.Sönke Krüger (Die Welt)

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