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Emirates buys 50 Airbus A350 jets for $16billion in down-scaled deal

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of Emirates, announced he would buy the Airbus A350 jets the Dubai Air Show on Monday in a down-scaled deal that initially called for 70 planes worth $21billion. Sheikh Maktoum added that his airline is still in talks with Boeing on a provisional order of 40 787 Dreamliner jets, in a blow for the American plane-maker.Chris Pleasance (Daily Mail)

Stella Artois to release first-ever limited-edition, US holiday brew: Midnight Lager

The Belgian beer maker has announced Midnight Lager, a U.S.-exclusive, limited-edition holiday beer available nationwide Nov. 4 through the end of the calendar year. The new brew features subtle notes of dark chocolate and espresso with a smoky finish.Morgan Hines (USA Today)

Thriving Hotel Industry Scrambles for Workers

There are simply not enough domestic job seekers to meet our work force needs. The hotel industry is a major employer of immigrants, and they will continue to be part of any work force solution. We support a balanced approach to immigration that enables hotels and other businesses to meet the increasing demand for employees, while protecting national security.Jennifer Myers (American Hotel and Lodging Association)

Michelinove zvezdice bodo končno zasijale tudi v Sloveniji

⭐️⭐️⭐️Žiga Sancin

The tourists nobody wants

Today, the challenge is to be a “good” tourist. And as we try to travel to places without making a negative impact, destinations are becoming emboldened to speak openly about which kinds of travelers are welcome — and which are not.Julia Buckley (CNN)

Southwest Will Look at Buying Jets Other Than Boeing 737s After 48-Year Run

As late as 2011, when we agreed to launch the Max, we gave a very serious look to an alternative. There are people who do have this question, “Is it time for us to look at the question?” Yes. Not now. But next year. Maybe the following year. It is time to look at that question yet again. I wouldn’t prejudge the answer at all.Gary Kelly (Southwest Airlines)

Boeing replaces senior executive in charge of 737 Max after two fatal crashes

The aircraft manufacturer has replaced president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Kevin McAllister, who was in charge of the Boeing 737 Max programme. Mr McAllister is the most senior executive to leave the company since the jet was grounded in March.Cathy Adams (The Independent)

The full list of Lonely Planet’s best places to travel in 2020

Top country: Bhutan; Top city: Salzburg, Austria; Top region: Central Asian Silk Road; Top best value: East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.Lonely Planet

What Japan can teach us about cleanliness

Most first-time visitors to Japan are struck by how clean the country is. Then they notice the absence of litter bins. And street sweepers. So they’re left with the question: how does Japan stay so clean? The easy answer is that residents themselves keep it that way.Steve John Powell & Angeles Marin Cabello (BBC)

LAX: Uber, Lyft curbside pickup to end around Halloween; shuttle will be required

Starting at the end of October, instead of hailing rides curbside right at the airport, passengers flying into LA and using taxi or rideshare apps will be required to take shuttles to designated holding lots to connect with drivers. Drop-offs will still be permitted on the airport’s upper deck.Carly Mallenbaum (USA Today)

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