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Comer See: Eine fast perfekte Illusion

Alles ist von einer heiteren Melancholie bestimmt, als wären wir in einen Roman von Giorgio Bassani eingetaucht.Ulrike Maria Hund (FAZ)

Transatlantic Travel Rebound Faces an Unwelcome Slowdown

The surge in demand, however, comes at a time when carriers on both sides of the Atlantic are grappling with staffing shortages, forcing them to cut capacity. In Europe, widespread labor strife, including short-term strikes by cabin crew over pay, has left passengers facing long-lines and flight cancellations. That’s raising questions over whether airlines and even airports have enough resources to meet increased demand. Transatlantic traffic has already reached 85 percent of 2019 levels, according to aviation analytics company Cirium.Allison Lampert and Rajesh Kumar Singh (Reuters)

A gourmet revival of Sierra Leone’s bold flavours

I describe Sierra Leonean food as having complex layers of flavour. It surprises you in the same mouthful several times. It’s pungent, it’s strong, it’s punchy, but it also can evoke memories, I think. It always says something.Miatta Marke

The world’s most expensive cities for 2022

1. Hong Kong; 2. New York; 3. Geneva; 4. London; 5. Tokyo; 6. Tel Aviv; 7. Zurich; 8. Shanghai; 9. Guangzhou; 10. SeoulECA International

The Concrete Jungle Is Turning Green Again

Cities increasingly build bio-swales and rain gardens to replace stormwater pipes, and permeable pavers to edge out concrete sidewalks.Stefan Al

Small city, big drinks scene: Why Vancouver’s flourishing cocktail culture is world-class

Even though I’m clearly drinking in an area that verges on tourist trap territory, every cocktail I sample, from the espresso Manhattan at Pourhouse to the bespoke drinks served from a teapot at Guilt & Co., is pretty darn good.Christine Sismondo (Toronto Star)

In Europe, It’s Planes vs. Trains. For Many Travelers, Rail Is the Way to Go.

While passenger traffic was growing steadily through 2019, it was starting from a low base: Before the pandemic, only 8 percent of all passenger travel in the European Union was by train.Paige McClanahan (New York Times)

Isso vade: The spicy snack that unites Sri Lanka

Isso (prawn) vade (pattie) are beloved throughout Sri Lanka, and their popularity can perhaps be attributed to their deeply familiar and simple ingredients: lentils and prawns, along with onions and curry leaves. Topped with a spicy sambol – made of chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies and lime juice – plus chilli sauce for extra punch, each fritter has the perfect balance of crispy texture, zesty aroma and spicy flavour. And at Rs 50 to 70 (12p to 18p) each, they are an inexpensive, tasty treat for the masses.Demi Perera (BBC)

Upscale Hotels Bet on Personalization That Goes Deeper

True hotel luxury means choosing what my hotel room looks and feels like. It means a hotel room where I feel at home — or stimulated by a very different environment.Maud Bury

‘Concorde pricing’ as British Airways struggles to maintain Heathrow flight schedules

While seats on a wide range of European and domestic flights from Heathrow are still showing as available on its website, the economy fares are set at levels designed to deter any rational traveller from buying them. […] On a range of routes, including to Frankfurt, Geneva, Milan and Nice, the price-per-mile is even higher than the top fare on Concorde when it flew between London and New York.Simon Calder (The Independent)

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