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Heathrow and Ryanair reveal further huge losses

Britain is losing out on tourism income and trade with key economic partners like the EU and US because ministers continue to restrict travel for passengers fully vaccinated outside the UK.Heathrow Airport

Qatar Airways is revealed as the best airline for 2021

Australia-based rated Qatar Airways for its cabin innovation, passenger service, and commitment to continue to operate throughout the pandemic.Sadie Whitelocks (Daily Mail)

China’s latest mega-airport is officially open

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, is now the third city in the country to have two international airports, joining Shanghai and Beijing. Constructed at a cost of about 70 billion Chinese yuan ($10.8 billion), phase one of the massive aviation hub has the capacity to handle up to 60 million passengers per year, further opening up the country’s southwest region.Karla Cripps (CNN)

What should tourism be like after COVID-19? Look to Amsterdam

Amsterdam presents an interesting model. COVID has accelerated the implementation of several measures under consideration well before the pandemic took hold. The city has adopted ordinances that variously prevent souvenir shops from displacing local businesses, developers from turning residential spaces into holiday lets, and new hotels from being built.Johannes Novy (University of Westminster)

Airlines Will Have to Wait Longer on Next Gen Boeing 777 Jet

Boeing has been developing the widebody jet, a new version of its popular 777 aircraft, since 2013 and at one expected to release it for airline use in 2020.David Shepardson (Reuters)

Oman’s spectacular ‘Norway of Arabia’

Kumzar’s unique character owes much to geography. The village sits on the Musandam Peninsula, a tiny coastal exclave of Oman separated from the rest of the country by 100km of the UAE’s rocky desert. Musandam’s nickname – ‘the Norway of Arabia’ – derives from its wildly dramatic coastline, ravaged by fjord-like khors – although, unlike their Scandinavian counterparts, these rocky inlets were formed not by the steady slithering of glaciers but rather by the collision of tectonic plates, which crack the Earth’s crust from beneath like terrible creatures vying to emerge from an egg.Daniel Stables (BBC)

V letu 2020 je bil največji upad gostov v Ljubljani

Očitno bomo priča še nižjemu nivoju turističnih storitev v Ljubljani. 😂Žiga Sancin

Nuku Hiva: This paradise island is one of the remotest places on the planet

Nuku Hiva has an otherworldly and primitive feel to it. There are no tall buildings and the only cell phone network is 2G. It has the basic needs for a community; a post office, a hospital, a town hall, a bank, five grocery stores and a pharmacy.Stephanie Takyi (CNN)

Ryanair posts record £702m annual loss due to Covid

The Irish budget airline said its traffic plunged 81 per cent in the year to March as a result of the pandemic, from 149 million passengers in the previous year, to just 27.5 million.Tim Wyatt (The Independent)

Airbnb Posts $1.2 Billion Loss and Turns Attention to Expected Supply-Demand Mismatch

Airbnb beat analysts’ expectation on revenue, which rose 5 percent in the first quarter to $887 million. While Airbnb was in positive territory in the first quarter in part because of its focus on short-term rentals, Expedia Group and Booking’s revenue plummeted 44 percent and and 50 percent, respectively.Dennis Schaal (Skift)

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