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Emirates to stop flying all passengers amid coronavirus pandemic

As a global network airline, we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot viably operate passenger services until countries re-open their borders, and travel confidence returns.Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum (Emirates)

Coronavirus travel bailout: Trump says financial help on the way

We’re gathering up all the cash we can. …There is simply no way to know how long this crisis will last.Gary Kelly (Southwest Airlines)

Coronavirus Is Pushing Some Airlines to the Precipice

Some airlines will not make it. The first to go likely will be airlines that were weak going into the mess, carriers that took advantage of a period of booming demand to gloss over problems like mediocre balance sheets or a lack of market niche.Brian Sumers (Skift)

Is this Japan’s most perfect ramen?

Since temperature plays such a crucial part in building a perfect bowl of ramen – from the burning-hot broth to the slow braised pork belly to the boiled egg – Yoshida approaches each ingredient like a chemist, experimenting with minute fluctuations in temperature. He formulates a plan on how to extract the best taste from each ingredient and then works towards achieving that taste.Nancy Singleton Hachisu (BBC)

The Joy of Cooking Naked

😂Žiga Sancin

Japan’s snow monkeys de-stress in hot springs

The snow monkeys’ onsen practice isn’t solely about warming their bodies or bobbing for apples — like the Japanese and visitors to Japan, they seem to appreciate onsen for its stress-reducing properties. Since the macaque’s thick coats keep them warm, and they take a dip even when there are no apples in sight, researchers’ studying the monkeys at Jigokudani believe hot springs function primarily to ease their tension.Joshua Mellin (CNN)

Ecuadorianische Spitzenküche: Das Wunder von Quito

Die schlimmsten Gäste, klagt Daniel Maldonado vom Restaurant „Urko“, seien mächtige Unternehmer aus der Geschäftsmetropole Guayaquil, die sich über die kleinen Portionen lustig machten.Kolja Reichert (FAZ)

Qatar Airways Ups Stake in British Airways Owner With $600 Million Investment

Our investment to date has been highly successful and the announced increase in our shareholding is evidence of our continued support of IAG and its strategy.Akbar Al Baker (Qatar Airways)

Japan’s secret udon mecca

To make its noodles, the family changes the ratio of flour, starch and water according to the humidity and ambient air temperature.Nancy Singleton Hachisu (BBC)

Per Zug ins Skigebiet: Eine Familie auf Bahnhofsmission

Zug-Skifahrer wurde ich zunächst nicht aus Klimaschutzgründen. Die ersten Zugfahrten mit Skiern in der Hand habe ich von unserem damaligen Wohnort Hamburg aus unternommen, als Greta Thunberg noch nicht im ICE-Gang saß. Ich habe noch nie den CO2-Abdruck meines Skistiefels gemessen. Es kommt wahrscheinlich insgesamt für das Hobby Alpinsport nichts Gutes dabei heraus. Es hat sich eher so ergeben, als die Kinder größer wurden. Sie sind jetzt 15 und 12 Jahre alt.Jan Friedmann (Spiegel)

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