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Month: November 2013

Colorado Ski Resorts Are Worried That Marijuana Tourists May Seek Other Highs

One more time… Sure, skiing is my drug. However, some healthy competition doesn’t hurt. 🙂Žiga Sancin

Raška č’bula – Najboljše z Rake

Mmmm. 🙂Žiga Sancin

Belo, rdeče, peneče, macerirano – hektolitri vina v prestolnici

Makedonci na pohodu.Žiga Sancin

The Fight Against Bland Airline Food

In addition to low humidity, they found that cabin lighting and temperature affect taste—cold temperatures and gray lighting have been shown to dull the experience of eating. Stress levels of travelers also affected taste.Scott McCartney (The Wall Street Journal)

What the Lonely Planet Debacle Tells Us About the BBC

Last week, almost unnoticed by the media, the BBC published its investigation into the extraordinary scandal that was its purchase of Lonely Planet.Andrew Gilligan (The Daily Telegraph)

Geo-Located Tweets Reveal International Patterns of Human Travel

More surprising is the revelation that the country with the least mobile users is the US. Tweeters here are less mobile than those in Indonesia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and indeed everywhere else.Bartosz Hawelka et al.

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