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Interview: TripAdvisor CEO on Building the Perfect Trip

It’s true lines are getting blurred.Stephen Kaufer (TripAdvisor)

El Salvador: Die grausame Glückstat des Feuerberges Ilopango

Allein bei der Fischsuppe will man weinen vor Glück und ein Halleluja gen Himmel schicken als Dank für dieses Füllhorn aus Languste und Gamba, Taschenkrebs und Wolfsbarsch, Miesmuschel und Oktopus, frisch wie der Morgentau, rein wie die Seele einer Meerjungfrau, duftend wie die Essenz des Ozeans und schmachtend begleitet von einer Mariachi-Kombo, die von Liebe, Eifersucht und schändlichem Betrug kündet mit ihren Klampfen, die so groß wie Kontrabässe und immer noch kleiner als die Wampen der Sangeskünstler sind.Jakob Strobel y Serra (FAZ)

12 Of The World’s Most Jaw-Dropping Remote Hideaways

When you live in a constantly connected (but spiritually disconnected) urban environment, it’s natural to dream about escaping to some wilderness shack and never coming back.Carey Dunne (Fast Company)

Malaysia Airlines Estimated To Be Losing $2.16 Million Per Day

Further complicating matters was that, before the unprecedented string of tragedies, the airline was reported to already be in the red for three years in a row.Chris Gayomali (Fast Company)

Nipa ne bo najela infrastrukture ŠC-ja Pohorje

Se zgodi. 😀Žiga Sancin

Foreign Tourists to Iran Triple in One Year

It was previously reported that the number of European tourists visiting Iran increased by 240 percent in the first 45 days of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21 — May 5).Trend News Agency

Travel Habits of Americans: Only 13 Percent Traveled Abroad for Holidays in Last Year

The international travel habits of Americans remain anemic, but a positive way of looking at it: There is still a lot of potential for growth in America, and international destinations can do a lot more to incent Americans to travel.Rafat Ali (Skift)


They fiercely maintain their culinary identity, yet borrow elements from their gastronomically renowned neighbours.Heidi Fuller-Love (Good Things Magazine)

Dnevnikova poletna izvidnica: Po medvedovih stopinjah

Vse jame se mi zdijo enake.Ping Su

A Swim With Mexico’s Massive Whale Sharks

Scientists still don’t have much data on whale-shark behavior. Fishermen and divers who spot the animals routinely supply much of what’s known: whale sharks are solitary swimmers, have skin patterns as individual as fingerprints and consume masses of plankton, krill and tiny fish.Sarah Gold (The Wall Street Journal)

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