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Interview: Virtuoso CEO on Why the Right Kind of Travel Agent Survived

Today, the two most powerful technologies that have rocket boosted our profession are social media and mobility, because today, our young advisors, they don’t come in and sit down at some cubicle. They start traveling. They start going around the world and they start posting on their social media, and so their credibility is that they’re actually out there.Matthew Upchurch (Virtuoso)

Interview: OpenTable CEO on How Its Game Changes Within Priceline

What we’ve found is that offers and discounts in and of themselves don’t really form the foundation to build a dining experiences brand, but is really just one piece of content that is more compelling to some diners than it is to others.Matthew Roberts (OpenTable)

Jesenska izdaja tedna restavracij: lov na proste mize odprt!

Nek se vidi raskoš!Žiga Sancin

Culinary Travel Awards 2014

Hong Kong is the place to go. 😉Žiga Sancin

Skift Global Forum: Designing the Ideal Aircraft Cabin Experience

Good design that takes comfort into consideration can endure for a very long time.Ben Orson (JPADesign)

How Destinations Work With Booking Sites to Draw Visitors

For Expedia, bookings made on the site via traffic from DMO sites are negligible when considering all bookings and revenue. Tratt adds that only 6.4% of Expedia’s customers visit a DMO site via the booking site.Noah Tratt (Expedia Media Solutions)

A Better Approach to Building a Sustainable Tourism Company

Tourism company Basecamp Explorer solved its inner conflict between running a successful business and contributing to the communities where it operates by setting up non-profit Basecamp Foundation. The two organizations are run separately but directly impact one another’s operations — so much so that the foundation owns 40 percent of the company, providing the capital it needs to survive.Samantha Shankman (Skift)

The Print Tourist Maps That Apps Can’t Kill

It comes down to an innate decision to know where one is at a certain moment, the search for the “I am here” dot on any map, and the context around that.Samantha Shankman (Skift)

Only In Switzerland Could a Hostel Have a Spa Like This

For this summer, we have seen the emergence of a New Switzerland – one that pities us, one that wants us to come stay without having to remortgage our house, one that suddenly wants to thrust budget accommodation at us.Julia Buckley (HotelChatter)

Skift Global Forum: Starwood’s Chief Brand Officer on Loyalty and Innovation

Brands today — even if not so unique — have to find ways to differentiate themselves from the market and then deliver on that brand promise day after day in order to create a truly authentic experience that links with consumers.Phil McAveety (Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide)

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