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Interview: Kayak CEO on Downplaying TV Ads and Direct Bookings

The reality is that the most effective personalization is when you don’t ask a consumer to do anything explicit. What they are asking you to do is to tell them you like four-star hotels that have a pool, that have free Wi-Fi or are in the city center. Most consumers don’t want to do that. What they’d rather do is scan through a list of hotels and then pick the one that they like. What you don’t know is why they picked that.Steve Hafner (Kayak)

Das sind die zehn schnellsten Züge der Welt

Geschwindigkeitsjunkies auf Reisen müssen sich keinen Sportwagen mieten, um auf ihre Kosten zu kommen. Es gibt da öffentliche Verkehrsmittel, die schneller sind als jedes Rennauto.Katharina Wilhelm (Die Welt)

Interview: Marriott International CEO on Authenticity and the Guest Experience

The biggest watchword for us is authenticity. We have, for generations, had a pronounced focus on our people and service culture. The most important element to that is a genuine welcome and the friendliness and attentiveness of service while they’re at the hotel. We want to make sure that we retain that, even as it evolves into a world that is more technologically aided.Arne Sorenson (Marriott)

Konec nekega obdobja: Gostilna Figovec se umika kariju

A konec je zdaj telečjih krač, odojka, praženega krompirja in dunajskih zrezkov – v prostore zdaj že nekdanje gostilne se namreč seli “Curry Life Figovec”, zadnji prispevek azijske kuhinje v Ljubljani. V restavraciji, ki v prenovljeni obliki vrata odpira 19. novembra, bodo kuharski mojster Partha Mittra iz Indije in njegova ekipa stregli kari v vseh oblikah.K. S. (RTV Slovenija)

Pohorske žičnice oživlja Marprom – če ne bo zapletov v mestnem svetu

Only God Forgives. 🙂Žiga Sancin

Interview: Virgin Atlantic CEO on Going All-In With Delta and the Dreamliner

I have to say it’s utterly ridiculous. And Willie’s words are Willie’s words. But, this airplane doesn’t look like a Delta airplane. Our approach is clearly Virgin Atlantic.Craig Kreeger (Virgin Atlantic)

Flybe Seeks to Take Over European Airlines’ Short-Haul Routes

Hammad, a former EasyJet Plc executive who joined Flybe in 2013, has cut losses by ditching predecessor Jim French’s plan to switch to a largely jet-powered fleet and capture swathes of the European regional market. He’s focused instead on cheaper- to-run turboprops planes, targeting more modest growth rates while exploring options for third-party flights.Christopher Jasper (Bloomberg)

Windowless planes could be a reality in less than 10 years

They can also be powered down for tiny red wine-induced nap time on long haul flights or show other content like in-flight movies and commercials.Christopher Hooton (The Independent)

This Clever Train Station Doubles as a Part of the Landscape

Today, the city of Vinge, Denmark, is nothing more than a grassy field with two railroad tracks running through it. By 2033, it’ll be a full-fledged town. The 350 hectares of land will be home to an estimate 20,000 residents, many of whom will likely use Vinge’s train station to commute to and from Denmark’s larger cities.Liz Stinson (Wired)

Interview: Best Western CEO on Guests’ Ever-Rising Expectations

The one unexpected thing is the speed of the change The iPhones were launched only seven years ago and now they’ve sold half a billion units. The adoption of these smartphones and mobile devices, and what customers want to do on them, is all changing really really fast.David Kong (Best Western)

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