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Interview: How Vail Resorts CEO Manages Tech Innovation in Nature

The question for us is how create the guest experience that’s true to our high-end nature and works within an outdoor recreational experience. The other piece for us is that we’re seeing a huge influx in international tourism from a variety of different countries.Rob Katz (Vail)

Airlines add first class seats as flying enters new age of glamour

An analysis by aviation data company OAG shows a 34 per cent jump in first class seats on planes departing in 2014 compared with 2009, when many analysts predicted the end of first class seating.Chris Kitching (Daily Mail)

Q&A: Auberge Resorts CEO on Giving Hotel Guests Control

The single biggest thing that we’ve seen post-downturn is people want a greater sense of, what I call, real identity. They want a sincere product and they’re moving away from routine or traditional products.Craig Reid (Auberge)

Država otežuje gradnjo smučarskega centra v Bohinju

Ta poredna država (in ti poredni državljani)! 😀Žiga Sancin

A $170M Floating Park Designed for NYC’s Hudson River

Diller will be the park’s primary sponsor, thanks to a pledge of $130 million. The city, the state, and the Hudson River Park Trust will put up the remaining $40 million.Margaret Rhodes (Wired)

Gazpromovo podjetje prevzelo Terme Maribor

Zadnji dve leti družba posluje z izgubo, od leta 2011 pa so se jim prihodki znižali za 15 odstotkov, na nekaj več kot 36 milijonov evrov. […] Samo lani se je število prenočitev znižalo za skoraj petino, s turistično dejavnostjo pa podjetje ustvari le 7,4 milijona evrov oziroma dobro petino vseh prihodkov. Preostanek k prihodkom prispeva prodaja v petih mejnih prodajalnah Travel shop.A. S. (RTV Slovenija)

Interview: Norwegian Air CEO Says DOT Approval Delay is ‘Purely Political’

The three alliances control around 85% of all the travelers across the Atlantic. There might be competition, but the fares have steadily been rising since these alliances have controlled the traffic.Bjørn Kjos (Norwegian Air Shuttle)

Off-Beat European Countries Get Popular With American and Chinese Travelers

Slovenia: average. Chinese travelers are on the rise; where are the Dutch travelers?Žiga Sancin

Skigebiete: Österreich wegen Klima im Wandel

Tabuthema in Slowenien; aber nicht in Österreich.Žiga Sancin

Interview: Accor CEO Shares Why Hotels React Slowly to Industry Revolutions

There was a major shift in the last 15 years, during which you had what I call the first revolution. The OTAs started replacing the traditional travel agent and expanding very quickly. Then six or seven years ago came the aggregators, which we call the meta-searchers or the Kayak and Trivagos of the world. They basically aggregated a lot of information and made the booking decision-making process much easier. Then you had the last revolution a couple of years ago, which I really define as the ‘disruptors.’ This a new customer-to-customer business model, which happens to be Airbnb, Uber, and Lending Club. If you really look at the impact of those 15 years, most of it is customer-driven, guest-driven. It was basically meant to be provide an easier route, easier access, and better decision-making processes for the guest.Sébastien Bazin (Accor)

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