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This Incredible Urban Park Will Be Inside One Of The World’s Busiest Airports

As fast-growing cities run out of land for traditional city parks, maybe there will be more places like Singapore’s newest green space. Forest Valley, filled with trees and plants and a giant rain-fed waterfall, is in the middle of Changi Airport, one of the largest airports in the world.Adele Peters (Fast Company)

The Year-Long Effort Behind Las Vegas’ Destination New Year’s Eve Event

For one night only, about 340,000 people spending some $226 million are expected to crowd the Strip and downtown Fremont Street all looking to be wowed — and for that reason, Las Vegas casino operators, event planners, tourism agencies and more have spent months if not the entire year planning ways to do so.AP

3 Projects That Transform Highways Into Urban Oases

The phrase “the other side of the tracks,” connoting declining neighborhoods across from railroad lines, could easily translate to the community havoc wreaked by urban interstates. Noise, pollution, and walls of concrete can be more than a little off-putting. But new projects in cities around the world prove that freeways don’t necessarily have to be urban dead zones.Kinder Baumgardner (Fast Company)

Interview: How Hyatt’s CEO Empowers Employees to Drive the Guest Experience

The biggest shift that we’ve seen is the explosion of engagement on social media. Over five years ago, we were the first hotel company to utilize Twitter to engage with our guests through @HyattConcierge and we’ve learned a huge amount. It just keeps morphing and manifesting in different ways.Mark Hoplamazian (Hyatt)

Missing AirAsia Flight Brings CEO Fernandes Into the Spotlight

I as your group ceo will be there through these hard times. We will go through this terrible ordeal together and I will try to see as many of you.Tony Fernandes (AirAsia)

17 European Countries Band Together to Create Meetings-Themed Marketing Organization

Miha Kovačič, director of the Slovenian Convention Bureau, is not surprisingly one of the most vocal advocates for the new European DMO alliance. Kovačič aggressively promotes what he calls “co-opetition”—defined as cooperation among competitive entities—among smaller bureaus to help get their message heard among the maelstrom of U.S.-directed marketing.Greg Oates (Skift)

Interview: Denihan Hotels CEO on Giving Guests a Story to Go Home With

The biggest shift that we’ve seen among people who stay with us is that everybody wants a unique travel experience that they can call their own. The challenge is staying up with that and being able to anticipate or be one step ahead of what the guest is looking for before they are looking for it.Brooke Denihan Barrett (Denihan)

Spending by overseas visitors to UK expected to hit record levels

Growth from Chinese tourists – the world’s most lucrative market – has been particularly strong in the last four years. They spent £492million in 2013, up from £184million in 2010. Over that period the number of visits from Chinese people rose by 79.1 per cent to 196,000.Chris Kitching (Daily Mail)

Interview: Rocketrip CEO on What Business Travelers Really Desire

Just like some of the low-cost carriers were a dirty word, EasyJet was very very hard to stomach for a lot of people when they first launched. Now, it’s a mainstay. The same will happen with Airbnb. Not because it can; it has to. They have a sheer volume of what’s going on now. It’s the same thing as Uber is creating a shift in the way that people will travel.Dan Ruch (Rocketrip)

Stille Nacht in den Hohen Tauern: Die dunkle Seite der Alpen

Dunkelheitsmessungen haben ergeben, dass einer der dunkelsten Orte der Ostalpen, wenn nicht sogar des gesamten Alpenraums, in der Nähe von Heiligenblut liegt: rund um die Edelweißspitze an der berühmten Großglockner-Hochalpenstraße, jener legendären Transitstrecke gen Süden.Martin Cyris (Spiegel)

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