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Tourism Employment Numbers Plagued by Seasonality and High Turnover Rates

The latest statistics from World Travel & Tourism Council says a staggering 266 million jobs were supported by the travel and tourism industry in 2013, accounting for one in eleven all jobs around the world. […] The report; however, outlines other underlying factors that could lead to high turnover rate including poor career prospects, low pay, physical stress, and working hours that limit personal and social time. […] Half of all employees working in tourism industries work irregular hours including nights and weekends, according a to a 2001 report from the International Labour Office.Samantha Shankman (Skift)

Südschwarzwald: Wo der Skilift erfunden wurde

Der Schneckenwirt wollte seinen Gästen mehr Komfort bieten: Er baute fünf Holzstützen an den Hang zwischen Bach und Waldrand und spannte ein Endlosseil, das mit der Wasserkraft des Mühlrads angetrieben wurde. Über Holzgriffe konnten sich Ski- und Schlittenfahrer am Seil festhalten. Der erste Lift der Welt war 280 Meter lang und überwand 32 Meter Höhenunterschied. Am 14. Februar 1908 ging er in Betrieb.Johannes Schweikle (Spiegel)

Krvavec: Velika gneča na poti do sonca

Krvavec na poti v irelevantnost. Žalostno.Žiga Sancin

Stunning turnaround: Qantas is profitable again

On Thursday, the airline reported a savings of A$59 million from removal of the carbon tax and A$33 million in lower fuel prices during the second half of 2014.Chuck Thompson (CNN)

Living Like a Local in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

“Forget all that” was the advice I got from my globe-trotting friends. If you visit the island, they said, do two things. First, go to Kota Kinabalu (or KK as it’s known), the capital of Malaysia’s Sabah state, located on Borneo’s northwest coast, facing the South China Sea. “Hands down the most lively city on the island,” one said about this city of around 450,000 people that is choked with moped traffic and has more malls and cinemas than there could possibly be demand for. Second, they said, when you get to KK, don’t be a typical tourist.Ian Urbina (New York Times)

Interview: Hipmunk CEO on Online Travel’s Race to the Middle

A pure online travel agency experience doesn’t make sense because everyone knows that a lot of people are going to be searching a bunch of different sites. I think the race to the middle, if you will, it’s just going to continue to play out and the people who are going to be most successful, I believe, are the ones who can just move the fastest. You know, who can build a booking experience and a metasearch experience, and have it work well on all devices for all verticals, in all countries, and so on.Adam Goldstein (Hipmunk)

Stille Tage in Sotschi: Das Schwarze Meer macht schlapp, schlapp, schlapp

Es gab in Sotschi keinen Kommunismus ohne Sex.Wiktor Jerofejew

15 years of TripAdvisor: How 200 million reviews changed the way we travel

The transparency of having millions of reviews written by travellers means great products and services can rise over the marketing budgets that push touched up photos.Steve Kaufer (TripAdvisor)

Google mixes business with pleasure, updates Flights shopping service

Our research shows more than half of searchers don’t know where they’re going to travel when they sit down to plan.Eric Zimmerman (Google)

Interview: VisitBritain CEO on Being a Tourism Catalyst

We’re moving away from the idea that we have to be the central point of everything. We don’t have to create everything ourselves say, “Here’s a list of everything you need to know about Britain. Come and find it.” We’re moving towards a role where we’re much more of a catalyst.Sally Balcombe (VisitBritain)

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