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Vail Resorts Is Spending $136 Million to Buy Australia’s Largest Ski Resort

Perisher is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere and serves some of Australia’s largest cities, including Sydney and Melbourne.AP

10 of Europe’s best national parks … that you’ve probably never heard of

Slovenia’s only national park, Triglav is a beautiful alpine expanse filling the north-western corner of the country. Although it’s easy to explore from the resort of Bled, a lakeside town just beyond the park’s border, you’ll get a better sense of its tranquility if you stay within it. Lake Bohinj may not have a church on an island in the middle of it as Bled does, but it is far quieter and it is easy to find a snug place to stay in one of the Christmas cake-style wooden houses in the village beside it. From there you can go on hikes, bike rides, canoe trips or just paddle in the clear water that reflects the peaks surrounding it. Taking the trails up to the top of the steep forested hills overlooking Bohinj will reward you with breathtaking views.Will Coldwell and Isabel Choat (The Guardian)

Državnim turističnim draguljem odpadajo zvezdice, a država ne išče rešitve

Država je v slovenskem turizmu izjemno velika lastnica. Merjeno po kapitalu, upravlja kar 56 odstotkov slovenskega turizma, ocenjujejo na GZS.Mateja Bertoncelj, Teja Grapulin, Karel Lipnik (Finance)

British Airways reveals their frequent flyer accounts have been hacked

The breach apparently was the result of a third party using information obtained elsewhere on the Internet, via an automated process, to try to gain access to accounts. It follows problems for hotel companies Hilton and Starwood as well as United and American airlines.John Hutchinson (Daily Mail)

This World Heritage Site Is Closed To Visitors, But Now You Can Take A Virtual Reality Tour

Great! Now you can like the Tang Dinasty on Facebook, and meet fictional boys and girls from the same Dinasty on Tinder. 😀Žiga Sancin

Interview: Barry Sternlicht on the Launch of His New 1Hotels Brand

At least 50% of hotel guests encounter a problem during their stay.Barry Sternlicht (Starwood)

The Italian Dolomites are this season’s must-visit ski destination

The recent sky-rocketing Swiss Franc has left skiers flocking to new locations to enjoy the high-roller experience without the snowballing costs – and where better than Italy’s Alta Badia region in the Dolomites.Erin Smith (Daily Mail)

Hilton Honors Flaw Exposed All Accounts

Hospitality giant Hilton Hotels & Resorts recently started offering Hilton HHonors Awards members 1,000 free awards points to those who agreed to change their passwords for the online service prior to April 1, 2015, when the company said the change would become mandatory. Ironically, that same campaign led to the discovery of a simple yet powerful flaw in the site that let anyone hijack a Hilton Honors account just by knowing or guessing its valid 9-digit Hilton Honors account number.Brian Krebs (Krebs on Security)

Slovenski turizem bo rasel, a smo še daleč za Avstrijo

V piaru smo med prvimi tremi (v obratnem vrstnem redu).Žiga Sancin

Interview: Singapore Tourism Board CEO on Reinventing a Destination

In terms of where they’re coming from, we welcomed more than 50 million visitors throughout 2014. More than 75% of that 50 million come from the Asian region, and that’s quite different if you compare to the ’80s and ’90s when we generally had a higher percentage of long-haul traffic. So that’s a function, I suppose, of the growth of Asia, a function of the fact that in Asian economies there are vast numbers of people entering the middle classes and therefore able to travel internationally. And when Asians start to travel, Singapore is at the top of their list.Lionel Yeo (Singapore Tourism Board)

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