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Beautiful Tokyo street sketches on coffee cups

Once I drew on the coffee cup, I filmed it and rotated the coffee cup at the same time. So you have the panorama of the background and the coffee cup in the foreground.Adrian Hogan

DUTB postal največji hotelir v državi, Savo bodo poslali v “prisliko”

Država sobaric.Žiga Sancin

Interview: Virginia Tourism CEO on Using Love to Sell a State

The next frontier of people working in destination marketing will come from technology. It could be people coming from the tech world into destination marketing or people within the organization who have a great awareness of technology. It used to be the salesperson would become the CEO of the destination marketing organization; now it’s the marketing director. Next it will be the chief technology officer becoming the CEO.Rita McClenny (Virginia Tourism Corporation)

Kuala Lumpur’s street food: Not a ‘scene’, more a way of life

It’s true – all other so called foodie destinations are just fake.Žiga Sancin

Hit za vlado ni več strateška naložba

Hit je bil sprva opredeljen kot strateška naložba, zatem kot pomembna, v novem predlogu Strategije za upravljanje kapitalskih naložb pa kot portfeljska, torej država namerava izstopiti iz lastništva in svoj delež odprodati.Ingrid Kašca Bucik (RTV Slovenija)

Aktposen auf der Alm

Das beeindruckende Panorama der Pongauer Alpen lenkt ebenso ab wie das Glockengeläut der Almkühe. Volle Konzentration ist gefragt, der Blick geht vom Blatt hinüber zum Aktmodel.Bernd F. Meier (Die Welt)

Getting naked at UNESCO world heritage sites is the latest obnoxious travel trend

Certainly, travel has always been a way to cut loose, but these days, clothing seems to be doing the same, as more tourists are shedding clothes altogether for naked photos at world heritage sites.Mike Dunphy (USA Today)

Interview: Turkish Tourism Director on Simpler Brand Messaging

We think about Turkey as a home of civilizations, hospitality, harmony, and many cultural and geographic values. We use very simple marketing elements and try to create a simple connection between people and Turkey — otherwise you cannot inform people about all of the different things in Turkey. Our policy is simplicity. We would like to be very simple, but also very powerful.Irfan Onal (Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkey)

Business travel a boost to businesses

The direct impact of Canadian business travel was the $656 spent per trip, which included $131 on lodging, $75 on airfare, $100 on food and beverage in restaurants and $8 on entertainment. Most of those business trips — 80 per cent — were taken by car.Henry Stancu (Toronto Star)

Malaysia Airlines to lay off one-third staff as restructuring concludes

Even before the twin losses of MH370 and MH17, Malaysia Airlines was already in hot water — despite previous restructuring plans and billions of dollars in financial lifelines from the government. The company hadn’t turned a profit since 2008, and in the three years to 2013, cumulative losses totaled $1.3 billion.Sophia Yan (CNN)

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