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Rail links between airports and city centres: There is room for improvement

Well, you could start with technologically efficient ticketing so that queues ceased. Proper baggage provision and amazingly frequent services, obviously. But also the idea – ennobling and rare – that the short journey from airport to city need not be an ordeal to be stoically endured, and might even be a premium experience to be enjoyed in its own right.Stephen Bayley (The Independent)

Study: Iceland is the most peaceful nation in the world

Six out of the top 10 most peaceful countries were European, with Denmark and Austria holding the second and third spots. […] The United States is in the bottom half of the index, scoring badly in terms of militarization, homicides and fear of violence. Its ranking improved somewhat from a year earlier, though, rising from 101st place to 94th.Jethro Mullen (CNN)

Dovolj je le negativen komentar na TripAdvisorju pa si ob gosta

Kakšen bebček moraš biti, da se v vukojebini tipa Slovenija kurčiš z nazivom “Strokovnjak za specifike turističnih inovativnosti”… 😀 😀 😀 Aja, o članku – moj nasvet za vsevede v Sava turizmu: zorganizirajte si izlet preko TripAdvisorja do najbližjega Zavoda za zaposlovanje.Žiga Sancin

Nachtzug Berlin-Paris: Wie eine WG im Reihenhaus

Die Gesamtfahrzeit von Moskau nach Paris beträgt 42 Stunden. Die Strecke Berlin-Paris macht nicht einmal ein Drittel aus.Klaus Raab (Zeit Online)

These travelers book longer flights for a better wine list

For a select group of elite travelers, it’s not the flat beds or the price of a ticket that matters, but the chance to enjoy the finest wines during their flight. They choose airlines that serve the best vintages, even if that sometimes means deliberately taking a longer route to reach their destination.Milena Veselinovic (CNN)

Inside Marriott’s Attempt To Win Over Millennials

Older millennials, now in their late twenties and early thirties, travel frequently. They take an average of five business trips a year, which is twice as many as their peers over 35, and they are 23% more interested in traveling abroad than older generations. But millennials are also driven by a desire to have a rich, meaningful experience when they travel, get an authentic taste of the local culture, and gather unique stories to share upon their return. They are often choosing to stay in hostels, AirBnBs or non-name boutique hotels instead of big-brand hotel chains.Elizabeth Segran (Fast Company)

Paris Cabbies Show Their Dislike of Uber With Burning Tires

Over its five-year history, Uber has faced resistance in almost every market it has entered. But it also has a pretty good record of eventually coming out on top. Not so in France, where Uber has made some of its fiercest enemies yet, with seemingly little hope for reconciliation on the horizon.Davey Alba (Wired)

Vegas reinvented: From gambling to culinary capital

Nevada’s Gaming Control Board reports annual food revenue in Clark County casinos has grown from about $977 million (11.6% of total revenue) in 1994 to about $3.1 billion (14.9% of total revenue) in 2014.Ashley Day (USA Today)

Summer holidays in the Alps: eight great ideas

Slow cycling and scenery, SloveniaGemma Bowes (The Guardian)

Virgin Cruises to Debut 3 Ships in Miami Starting in 2020

Innovation is such a big part of the cruising business, and we’re seeing new and wonderful innovations all the time. Richard Branson had innovated for years in the travel and entertainment spaces, so we’re certain he’ll bring something new to the industry, and passengers will benefit.Colleen McDaniel (Cruise Critic)

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