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Munich’s Got Its Eye on a Huge Highway System for Cyclists

Radschnellverbindungen. 🙂Žiga Sancin

Google Will Now Tell You The Best Time To Eat Dinner Alone

Google has updated its mobile search results to feature a graph of foot traffic by hour, so that you can estimate how busy your intended destination will be before you decide to go.Mark Wilson (Fast Company)

Slovenija razglašena za drugo najbolj dekadentno državo

Čestitam! 😀Žiga Sancin

The Story Behind Berlin’s $6 Billion Airport Embarrassment

It was merely a prelude to a debacle that is still unfolding. Three years later, Berlin Brandenburg has wrecked careers and joined two other bloated projects—Stuttgart 21, a years-late railway station €2 billion over budget, and an €865 million concert hall in Hamburg—in tarnishing Germany’s reputation for order, efficiency, and engineering mastery.Joshua Hammer (Bloomberg)

LaGuardia Airport Is Getting Torn Down for a $4B Redesign

The new terminal will be set 600 feet closer to Grand Central Parkway highway, freeing up two miles of space for planes to taxi in and take off. The plan also includes a rail link connecting LaGuardia to the subway system (which JFK Airport already has), as well as a ferry service. The project is expected to cost $4 billion, with additional (but undisclosed) funding from Delta Airlines, which has a hub at LaGuardia.Margaret Rhodes (Wired)

Zelena destinacija za aktivne z več denarja

“Krovna ciljna skupina slovenskega turizma so aktivni ljubitelji narave in zdravega življenja iz višjega dohodkovnega razreda, ki jim naša država omogoča doživetja vse leto.” 😀 😀 😀 Volvo je v (nadomestni) garaži in zadnja knjiga Jonathana Franzena prebrana?Samo Kranjec (Finance), Žiga Sancin

Interview: Kenya’s Tourism Minister on Making a Big Bet on Business Travel

As I told you we are seeing a reimagining with business tourists coming, which is totally different from the leisure. That’s one. The other product that we had not really marketed is our culture. You see a re-imagined tourist that is interested in culture, natural tourism. We have quite a number of festivals that we are promoting and it’s very interesting.Phyllis Kandie (Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism)

Lush Spa In Vietnam Is Like A Modern-Age Hanging Gardens of Babylon

MIA Design Studio, a Ho Chi Minh City–based firm, draped plants over the Naman Pure Spa to create a sense of sanctuary. If the design of a space should relay its purpose, then MIA’s architects have done a bang-up job of conveying the sense of restorative calm that a tropical retreat should exude. In addition to serving as potent eye candy, the greenery, along with the slatted brise soleil, helps to naturally cool the structure and filter sunlight. Vines provide privacy in the glass-walled treatment rooms (no curtains!) and along the corridors. They also visually soften the concrete floors and bare walls. The project goes to show that the trends of vertical gardens and living walls show no sign of slowing down.Diana Budds (Fast Company)

Mars Tourists Will Be Just as Annoying as Regular Tourists

Do we travel to discover new places and cultures, or do we travel to take pictures of ourselves and prove that we exist?Julien Mauve

Good Taste and High-Tech Make Swiss’ New Cabins a Haven for All Classes

The elegant and calming notes of the design will inspire dreams of rich warm cocoas, enjoyed in a woodsy cabin in the Swiss alps—with all the modern conveniences. Warm earth tones and accents of European oak, are embellished with soothing greys and touches of creamy taupe.Marisa Garcia (Skift)

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