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Swiss rail firm launches separate trains for Chinese tourists

Tensions between tourists from Asia and visitors from Switzerland have worsened as the mountain, near Lucerne, has become a massive draw for Chinese holidaymakers, a newspaper claimed. […] In addition to introducing special train services, the railway has posted signs aimed at educating foreigners about Western toilet etiquette.Chris Kitching (Daily Mail)

Cities As Platforms

Waves of digitally astute cities are setting the pace, including Singapore, Panama, Seoul and Tallinn. They’ve all created spaces for digital disruption, opening data sets and convening citizens to challenge the digital architecture of the city and engage in direct democratic dialogue with officials. The more that we get into the mindset of a city as a platform, the easier it is to set virtual terms of service between citizen and city.Gerard Grech (TechCrunch)

The Future of Connected Travel at Stuttgart’s Urban Living Lab

The future interaction with the environment is based on profiles filled with individual preferences,” says Nikolay Dreharov, head of business information systems at Fraunhofer Institute. “Basically nowadays everyone has a lot of digital profiles on social networks and places like Google, Amazon and Apple. But in the future we think it might be better, where we will have more control over this data, and we will be able to share parts of it that we want with the environment.Nikolay Dreharov (Fraunhofer Institute)

New Orleans: 10 years after Hurricane Katrina the city is recovering

In the decade that has passed, New Orleans has worked hard to bounce back to its joyous self. Billions of dollars of federal money have seen the city’s total population return to around 80 per cent of its pre-Katrina numbers and it has ensured that its best known attractions, such as the French Quarter, are busy.Andrew Buncombe (The Independent)

Switzerland completes work on the world’s longest tunnel

The NEAT Gotthard Base Tunnel, when it opens to the public on June 1 2016, will transport passengers from Zurich to Milan in two hours and 50 minutes, shaving almost an hour off the current travel time. […] Work began on the ambitious project, which was funded by Switzerland at cost of around $10.3 billion or £6.5 billion, 20 years ago in 1996.Emily Payne (Daily Mail)

In-Flight Wi-Fi Prices Jump as Demand Surges

We’re starting to have millions of users, so it’s getting more and more congested, and we have raised prices, which you typically do when you have more demand than you have supply. There’s nothing to apologize for. We have trouble finding a business in America that does anything differently.Michael Small (Gogo)

Ljubljana mika zlasti tiste s tanjšo denarnico

“Strateška lega, varnost, prijaznost, čistost in visoka kakovost so tiste stvari, ki tujce najbolj privabijo.” Ravno tega sem se najbolj bal: v Ljubljani sploh ne poznajo profilov svojih turistov, kar posledično pomeni, da nimajo izdelane personalizirane ponudbe. Bebčki enostavno ponavljajo marketinške floskule iz 90-tih ali celo Jugoslavije (“Za vsakogar nekaj“).Katja Cimermančič (Finance), Žiga Sancin

New University Courses Teach Tourism Executives to Think Bigger

London was an absolute car crash in the ‘90s. However, the reason they’ve become so successful is partly because they have the buy-in and engagement with the locals who really understand the value and economic impact of tourism in their city. That is crucial for a DMO to develop. Yes, you’re marketing to tourists, but at the same time you’re trying to engage the local population. You can’t do that if you’re just a sales machine.Dr. Alan Fyall (Rosen College of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida)

Banksy’s Dismaland Is The Most Shameless Commercial Art Project Since Disneyland

Life isn’t always a fairytale.Banksy

Airport rooftop terraces: A stroll outside should be the upside of being airside

Today, most airports can’t offer even the most basic amenity: fresh air (plus the chance to watch the oddly compelling mechanical ballet of planes gliding around with a swanlike grace belying their shot-putter bulk). Instead, we are funnelled through dispiriting shopping malls, loaded with the scent of duty-free perfume.Christopher Beanland (The Independent)

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