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Interview: Wizz Air CEO on Why Smiles Are the Only Perk Low-Cost Carriers Can Afford

The world has changed around us and keeps changing around us. The new generations coming to the market are very different than older generations. The old generations used to go to full operators, getting personal advice, now everything is separate on the internet, on various devices. The smart phones are changing the game, as well as the specific technologies. We, as an industry, have to be geared up for that and very focused on that. We are very focused on trying to understand these consumer trends and conduct the business accordingly. That requires continuous innovation and continuous development in the process. Fundamentally, you must remain an ultra-low cost business, not only because of the market, but also because of the way you can create value in the industry.Joszef Varadi (Wizz Air)

What makes those Middle East airlines so special?

So while these airlines do stand out in many departments, perhaps what really scares competitors about them is where they call home: Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Look at a map. These three airlines’ hubs sit in a sweet spot allowing them to economically link any two places on Earth, with a single connection, using existing aircraft types.George Hobica (Airfarewatchdog)

Lastnik Kavarne Nebotičnik kupil še žičnice na Voglu

Super!Žiga Sancin

Etihad offers inflight diamond deals

How we travel is changing. Today’s tech-driven, fast-paced world means that we have to strive to be innovative, rethink what we’ve done historically, and offer more convenience and comfort to our guests.Peter Baumgartner (Etihad)

Ryanair wants to become ‘Amazon of travel’ and offer hotel bookings

We now have an opportunity with the new website to build not just as the airline’s website but as a kind of Amazon for travel in Europe. All the services will be available on – hotels, TripAdvisor – we want to disintermediate all the disintermediators… We have the scale to do it.Michael O’Leary (Ryanair)

Banksy’s Dismal Disney Theme Park Generates $30 Million for Town

Fans from around the world snapped up all available tickets — limited to 4,000 a day — for the event billed as a “festival of art, amusements and entry-level anarchism.” A final concert Friday night featured performances by De La Soul, Pussy Riot and Blur singer Damon Albarn.Jill Lawless (Associated Press)

Top 10 train station restaurants in Europe

Endangered species.Žiga Sancin

Svetovni vpliv turizma: Milijarda turistov, milijarda priložnosti

Slovenija bo letos porušila vse turistične rekorde: rekordni prihodi, rekordne nočitve, rekordne plače, rekordne investicije in rekordni bebčki (pssst… dva rekorda sta izmišljena). 😀Žiga Sancin

Oktoberfest, air-rage incidents, and drinking on flights

This biergarten’s speciality is The Supersonic. For €21.50 you get roast pork, knuckle of pork, duck, dumplings and an Alpine-sized pile of side dishes plus “one litre of our famous home-brewed beer served in a siphon”.Simon Calder (The Independent)

Europe’s Steaks Get a Makeover Travelers Can Savor

It’s all a question of taste versus texture. In France and much of Europe, we’ve always prized beef with character, while the U.S., Australia, perhaps Japan and many other countries are obsessed with tenderness.Hugo Desnoyer (Boucherie Hugo Desnoyer, Paris)

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