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JB, ljubljanska institucija, z bistrojem bližje ljudstvu

Ojoj!!! Skrajno neprimerno je, da v gostilni katerega koli nivoja (kaj šele v JB in to celo sam JB!) sprašuješ gosta “Je bilo v redu?”. Ta grda razvada počasi izginja tudi iz smučarskih koč v Avstriji, od koder je priromala v Slovenijo.Žiga Sancin

Russians Seeking Winter Retreat Are Stopped Cold

Russia’s restrictions on travel to Egypt and Turkey have scrambled the vacation plans of tens of thousands of Russians who want to escape the winter gloom. The travel curbs are part of a new reality for Russia’s middle classes, which grew wealthier under President Vladimir Putin but have been hit by a recession at home and the Kremlin’s confrontations abroad.Andrey Ostroukh and James Marson (The Wall Street Journal)

Interview: Expedia CEO Envisions Direct Competition With Airbnb Over Next Few Years

The overlap between these businesses, at this point, is actually relatively small in that and Airbnb are much more focused on apartments in urban destinations. HomeAway is much more focused on full homes that are not your primary home in resort destinations.Dara Khosrowshahi (Expedia)

Na Voglu prva na smučišču koza, ta vikend lahko v Sloveniji smučate tudi vi

No, največjih revežev (Pohorci po sili razmer) sploh ni nikjer omenjenih – zaradi pritiskov se je piar oddelek odločili zagnati bejbiko. Čestitam! 😀 😀 😀Žiga Sancin

Hauser Kaibling Saisonstart am 28. November 2015

What A City Would Look Like If It Were Designed For Only Bikes (No Cars Allowed!)

In Sydney, the designers looked at how the city could be rebuilt with a new network of lanes—including a bike-friendly apartment building in the center, with ramps that lead directly to each floor. Cyclists could take an elevator up to their floor and coast down the ramp into their apartment; when they want to leave, they can coast down several stories of ramps directly into a bike lane. Basically, the network of bike lanes extends into the building itself.Adele Peters (Fast Company)

Futuristic ski lodges that will make you want to head to the slopes

Uf! 😮Žiga Sancin

Emirates Tears Out In-Flight Entertainment Screens in Favor of Larger Ones

First Class passengers will watch blockbuster films on screens which have increased in size from 27 to 32 inches—the largest screens available on any aircraft. Economy Class passengers get the industry’s largest in-seat screens at 13.3 inches, including onboard Emirates’ latest two-class configured A380. Business Class screens will remain 23 inches wide, still among the industry’s largest for this cabin class.Marisa Garcia (Skift)

Nemci, Turki in Grki v igri za hrvaškega letalskega prevoznika, Adria jih ni zanimala

Po informacijah Večernjega lista naj bi se Grki zanimali za nakup celotne družbe, medtem ko naj bi bila Lufthansa zainteresirana za pridružitev družbe, denimo prek dokapitalizacije.Mladen Miković (Finance)

Airbnb’s New Pivot: Trying to Look Like an Ally, Not a Rebel

Airbnb doesn’t look very good right now. Its missteps started with the San Francisco ad campaign, which some called tone-deaf, then quickly moved on to the 100 Clubs initiative, which seemed designed to flaunt the company’s political muscle. And then came a harrowing story from a guest whose father died in an accident during an Airbnb stay, raising questions about the company’s vetting and safety practices.Davey Alba (Wired)

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