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Na letališčih po novem enotna cena vode po 1 evro?

Namesto da bi se ukvarjala z odprtim nebom, se ukvarja z “odprto” vodo. Violeta, do yourself a fucking favour! 😛Žiga Sancin

Tourists left disappointed by bare slopes at ski resorts in the Alps

While the weather has disappointed many skiers hoping to find a blanket of fresh powder, it is having a far more painful impact on resort workers. In France, seasonal workers who do everything from operate ski lifts to clean hotel rooms have seen jobs delayed or cancelled as employers wait to see if snow will fall.Chris Kitching (Daily Mail)

5 Charts Showing Habits of Asian Business Travelers for 2016

Some 12% of Asian business travelers will extend business trips to the weekend for leisure travel, with the highest percentage of Chinese respondents indicating they do this (19%).Dan Peltier (Skift)

9 Clever Ideas For Improving Travel

In anticipation for the 2020 Olympics set to be held in Tokyo, Narita International Airport’s Terminal 3 has been given an appropriate makeover, combining a classic Olympic theme with a clever new wayfinding system. Why zombie-walk through an airport on layover when you could exercise your running muscles between planes?John Brownlee (Fast Company)

Can Hotels Keep Millennials Booked?

The role of the hotel in the past had been very functional. The hotel was a haven. You were reassured. You were looking for this reassurance or good-housekeeping stance. You were traveling to places you potentially hadn’t been before and needed that haven or comfort. More and more, as the mind-set has changed, hotels have adapted to what guests want today. The guest has always wanted the hotel to be a little bit better than home. They want to be inspired by what they see at a hotel, and that’s still true.Tina Edmundson (Marriott International)

City breaks will be holidaymakers’ top 2016 getaway, survey finds

Short stays in cities around the world are planned by 27% of UK adults, followed by beach holidays (13%), walking expeditions (10%) and spa/retreat holidays (8%), research from Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance has found.Rebecca Smithers (The Guardian)

How small ski resorts are reinventing the sport to entice visitors

Psychedelia.Žiga Sancin

Interview: Carnival’s CEO on Getting More Money From Cruisers

We have so many initiatives underway, so many onboard revenue opportunities. For example, beverage: We’re doing lots of studies with our big data that we have and then additional surveys of guests and stuff to make certain we understand what drinks when, what premium brands when, how to offer somebody what they want. We don’t want to turn into some big push thing because the whole idea here is for guests to have a great time, feel comfortable. We’re not trying to hard sell anybody anything. But if we understand them better, we’ll say, ‘Oh, this person really likes wine, they may want to try a higher-end wine.’…They’re on vacation; you do things differently on vacation. We want to make it comfortable to give them that opportunity to do so.Arnold Donald (Carnival Corp.)

How do you build a better bar? Let a bartender design it.

Ninety-five percent of bars aren’t designed by bartenders or people who have worked in bars. You wouldn’t let an architect design the kitchen. But you never think about that with a bar.Joaqín Simó (Alchemy Consulting)

Skifahren in Colorado: Der Gipfel der Freiheit

An den neuralgischen Stationen der 31 Sessel- und Schlepplifte regeln Liftboys den Skiverkehr. Junge Leute in blauen Skiuniformen, auf deren Brustschild Vorname, Herkunftsort und Bundesstaat notiert sind. Sie fragen, woher man komme und wohin man wolle? Für neun Dollar die Stunde wedeln sie wie Schutzleute auf der Straßenkreuzung mit den Armen, ebenso verbindlich, aber deutlich freundlicher. Ein Phil aus Oklahoma oder ein Dave aus Arizona weisen anstehende Solisten den Gruppen zu, damit kein Sessel im Lift frei bleibt – und rufen immer noch ein fröhliches „have fun“ hinterher.Achim Dreis (FAZ)

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