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At Ski Resorts, a Giant Hot Tub Is a Good-Time Machine

Oh, Squaw Valley. 😀Žiga Sancin

Interview: Ryanair CEO on How Low-Cost Carriers Can Help European Airlines Prosper Again

I think it’s inevitable as we go forward the next five years, increasingly more and more of the low-fare airlines will be feeding into long-haul carriers. The example I use is will Vueling be feeding into BA at Gatwick, yeah, or at Heathrow, quite probably. Where easyJet and Ryanair could be feeding to Air France or Lufthansa somewhere in Germany or in France, and it’s quite likely.Michael O’Leary (Ryanair)

Delta, in Alliance With Danny Meyer, Aims to Elevate Airline Food

Meat can be served medium-rare on a plane in flight, but if there’s turbulence, the hostess can’t get up and take it out of the oven at the right time. So it’s probably best just not to try to serve meat done to medium-rare.Daniel Dilworth (Union Square)

Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts Bouncing Back After Years of Drought

Back to normal.Žiga Sancin

40 Indonesian foods we can’t live without

Mmm… 🙂Žiga Sancin

Dubai Airport Expands to Accommodate 15 Million More Passengers

Dubai International Airport opened a new concourse Wednesday with the arrival of a British Airways flight from London. Officials say the new $1.2 billion concourse will boost the airport’s capacity from 75 million to 90 million passengers annually.Associated Press

The Emirates’ elusive tastes

Traditional Emirati fare is healthy and hearty. It includes slow-cooked stews, subtly spiced and roasted meats and fish, fragrant rice dishes, artfully folded savoury pastries and zesty salads of vegetables and legumes. […] On the sweet side, date palms abounded in the oases, providing plump, sticky fruits that were used in desserts and given as gifts. Honey was also commonly employed as a sweetener, while nuts – particularly pistachios – were another popular after-dinner treat.Lucy Taylor (BBC)

Kje bo 4K, ki smo mu plačali, da je vzel Adrio, s to zaslužil?

Nakup bo po naši oceni Adrio okrepil in utrdil zaupanje vanjo ter je dobra novica tudi za preostale deležnike – druge poslovne partnerje, zaposlene in potnike. S to potezo se ohranja mobilnost prebivalstva, ki je v gospodarskem in turističnem smislu gonilo nacionalnega razvoja, Slovenija pa ostaja na zemljevidu letalskih destinacij.Aerodrom Ljubljana

V boj za rezervacije, pomladni Teden restavracij je pred vrati

Ok, od 11. do 20. marca se je dobro izogibati določenim restavracijam.Žiga Sancin

Buchungsrückgang: Türkei sagt geplagter Tourismusbranche Finanzspritze zu

Wir werden die Schwierigkeiten in der Tourismusindustrie überwinden und unsere Position als eines der attraktivsten Reiseziele verteidigen.Ahmet Davutoglu (Ministerpräsident von Türkei)

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