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Vse, kar ponujamo turistom, bi moralo imeti malo Planice v sebi

No, na oddaljenih trgih nas poznajo po Martinu Strelu. Bizaren narod pač.Žiga Sancin

Pictured: The blogger who flew in Etihad’s $27,000 suite for just $104

Nice!Žiga Sancin

Skift CMO Interviews: Ryanair CMO on Becoming Friendly and Mastering Mobile

Three years ago, our average load factor was just over 80% and this year it will be just over 92%. […] I think we could have done more on mobile, and we tried to move faster on mobile.Kenny Jacobs (Ryanair)

Opinion: How Sydney went from wild to mild

Legalist pleasure.Žiga Sancin

Third-class rail travel is returning to Europe – with an even lower grade that puts the ‘stand’ in standby

A new no-frills train between Paris and Brussels is to launch on Sunday. Branded “Izy”, it is an offshoot of Thalys – the high-speed operator that connects the French and Belgian capitals and extends into Holland and Germany. Unlike the existing conventional services, it is run like a budget airline – with the prospect of even less comfort for those paying the lowest fares.Simon Calder (The Independent)

As JetBlue Expands Its First Class, An Egalitarian Era Ends

On flights over five or six hours, customers would book with other airlines, even though they were extremely loyal to us on shorter routes. We had to grapple with this question: Do we stay all Core [JetBlue’s term for economy class] or do we try to win back those customers by offering a premium experience?Jamie Perry (JetBlue)

Skift CMO Interviews: CMO on the Right Mix Online and Offline, Global and Local

What’s relatively new to our journey is a more upper-funnel or mid-funnel communication. We started with offline advertising in the U.S. in 2013. We now have three years under our belts of doing traditional, above-the-line marketing communication, and I feel that there is a big opportunity for us still ahead to make sure becomes a household name in travel. Particularly that becomes a very well-known and loved brand in travel. This is, today, for us still a big opportunity.Pepijn Rijvers (

Smučarska sezona po večini turbulentna in podpovprečna

Juhu, sezona jamranja se je uradno začela! 😀Žiga Sancin

Boom wants to build supersonic planes that fly from New York City to London in three hours

Boom’s designs mean the plane would fly at Mach 2.2, or 1,451 m.p.h., more than 2.6 times faster than other airlines today. Whereas the Concorde plane fit 100 people, Boom’s smaller plane would only fit 40 to keep the price down and demand up.Biz Carson (Business Insider)

Airbus unveils cabin interior for new A330neo planes

We are putting more passengers on the same amount of space but because of the cleverness and the way we have designed it we don’t have to compromise on comfort.Kiran Rao (Airbus)

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