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6 dishes every Manila visitor should try

Clearly it’s an exciting time to dine in Manila.Don Jaucian and Michelle Ayuyao (CNN)

Ryanair Eastern Europe Expansion Poses Wizz Air Challenge

Since January, Ryanair has announced new bases in Sofia in Bulgaria, Vilnius in Lithuania, Bucharest and Timisoara in Romania and — last week — the Czech capital Prague, for a grand total of 84. Wizz, based in Budapest, Hungary, serves all five locations and the carriers will compete directly on some routes.Benjamin Katz (Bloomberg)

10 European routes where it’s faster to travel by TRAIN than plane

Dr. Gosar, Where Art Thou?Žiga Sancin

8 Smart Ways to Make Flying Less Sucky

Everyone knows flying sucks. The long lines, the crappy food, the infernal fees and lousy seats and … and…. The list goes on. Most of what we hear about the future of air travel is discouraging: Bench seating. Standing room only. Unfiltered nightmares. It’s as if the industry is actively seeking ways of making things even more miserable.Alex Davies (Wired)

Flying to More Than One City Just Got More Expensive

The three biggest airlines in the U.S. decided in March to block their cheapest prices on flights from being used on many connecting and multicity trips. Previously, reservation computers would find the lowest price for each flight in an itinerary and add them up to one price for the trip. But now the cheapest prices can’t be combined. To get the absolute lowest prices on a trip with multiple stops, you have to buy each flight separately.Scott McCartney (The Wall Street Journal)

Skift CMO Interviews: Shangri-La Hotels and the Future of Content Marketing in China

Well, if you’re targeting a Chinese leisure consumer, then you are not using Facebook, you use WeChat. […] A lot of brands are still very much focused on these ad hoc campaigns that really do not consider the customer and where they are in their [travel booking journey]. They’re purely launching promotional and tactical campaigns. These ad hoc campaigns do not represent the future of marketing. Digital marketing and marketing in general has migrated from stand-alone campaigns, or mass marketing, to an always-on mentality, with personalized content delivered to consumers based on what we would call a segment of tactical marketing message applying to one person, one at a time.Steven Taylor (Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts)

E.U. Delays Decision on Requiring Visas of Americans and Canadians

Americans and Canadians can generally travel to Europe for pleasure without a visa. But the European Union is insisting that the United States and Canada abide by agreed timetables for adding newer member states to their lists of visa-reciprocity countries. The United States requires visas for citizens of bloc members Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania. Canada does so for citizens of Bulgaria and Romania.James Kanter (New York Times)

Hotel prices have TREBLED in Rio ahead of this summer’s Olympic Games

Every four years, we experience what we like to call ‘The Olympic Effect’. No matter what city, country or even continent the Games are held in, all eyes are on the host nation and, as a result, prices skyrocket. As our data shows, the average nightly rate has increased a whopping 149 per cent in Rio de Janeiro during the sporting event. However, it appears that the experience means more than pounds and pence for many fans, with only 14 per cent of hotels left available for the Games.Lukas Balter (

Popravilo pohorske gondole do 300.000 evrov, ne ve se, kdo plača

Ve se, kdo plača. Ne ve se, če bo kdo odgovarjal. 😀Žiga Sancin

India’s aviation industry is taking off

Indians want to spend money. They’re one of the world’s biggest spenders today. If you look at the past, an average middle-class family would take one domestic holiday a year. Today the trend has changed.Neerja Bhatia (India Etihad)

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