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Food Has Eaten the Internet and It Tastes Like a Vampire Taco

The Facebook page for Tasty has 55 million likes—more than The New York Times and Kim Kardashian. People viewed Tasty’s videos 2.2 billion times in March alone, according to video metrics site Tubular, making Tasty the top video creator on Facebook that month. The secret sauce? Simplicity.Julia Greenberg (Wired)

The world’s hottest street foods right now

Good food shouldn’t be expensive, it should be comforting, real and affordable. That’s where the feeding frenzy happens and where a world of opportunities reside. It reminds what a plate of food can do for industry, tourism, your own culture and identity, social enterprise, education — the list goes on, all because of one little plate of endless opportunities.K.F. Seetoh (Makansutra)

TripAdvisor’s best-rated landmarks around the world revealed

No surprises.Žiga Sancin

Eurostar cuts fares to £25 each way

Eurostar’s revenue has been badly hit by the bombings in Brussels and the terrorist attacks in Paris. It is also hamstrung by the high tunnel access charges it has to pay to Eurotunnel.Simon Calder (The Independent)

Hyatt CEO Interview: Bigger Isn’t (Always) Better and Loyalty Is More Than Points

Increasingly we are rethinking loyalty in a very, very broad way. Not just the program but also what it means to actually extend the sense of our brand and our purpose to those interactions with our guests, and having that be the center of our focus and attention.Mark Hoplamazian (Hyatt)

Zima in pomlad prinesla v Slovenijo več turistov

Nizke cene.Žiga Sancin

Travel Guide to… Budget European breaks

In Slovenia the 5km network at Postojna will take your breath away (; €23.90 entry). There’s another park at Skocjan (tours €21) and experienced speleologists can arrange visits to Logatec caves. Return flights to Ljubljana start at £50 from Stansted with easyJet and a night in the three star Hotel Center Ljubljana costs €75 for a double, room only ( Dodd (The Independent)

World’s longest railway tunnel to open after 17 years of construction

The GBT will displace Japan’s 33.46-mile Seikan tunnel as the world’s longest train tunnel and bump the 31.4-mile Channel Tunnel that links England and France into third place. Travel times between Zurich and Milan will be down to two hours and forty minutes, roughly an hour quicker than current times.John Hutchinson (Daily Mail)

The Peloponnese in Greece is the best place in Europe to visit in 2016, says Lonely Planet

Topping the list is the the Peloponnese, a region often overlooked by travellers to Greece, who tend to visit the islands or build a sightseeing trip around Athen’s iconic Acropolis.Will Coldwell (The Guardian)

Skift CMO Interviews: Shifting the Destination Brand Story at Singapore Tourism

If you’re a brand and you’re hoping to innovate and you’re hoping to disrupt and to stand out in your category, you need to start looking beyond your category for inspiration. That’s very important for marketers. The other piece about what we’re trying to do around social is really not so much about the technology, but really whose voice are you using. Maybe in the past it’s been very much a brand voice. I think if you look at travel trends today, visitors and consumers are so curious about local culture, right? They always say today in travel, “Local is focal.” One of the things that we’re thinking about is, how do we use Singaporeans and locals as advocates and editors on our social platforms?Lynette Pang (Singapore Tourism Board)

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