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WOW: Discount airline brings its $99 Europe fares to New York

We’ve been working towards direct flights to New York for quite some time, so I’m thrilled to now be able to offer infamous $99 fares to Iceland from New York.Skúli Mogensen (WOW air)

Eksplozivna širitev Flixbusa: kupujejo Megabus in preplavljajo 20 držav

Avtobusni Uber. A Flixbus pogodbenik vozi svoj avtobus za manj kot minimalca brez zavarovanja? 😀Žiga Sancin

Monocle’s New Quality of Life Top 25 Cities Survey: Tokyo Is Tops Again

We have focused on the pleasures of being up all hours, noting the places that still serve a good meal after 22.00 and have transport that keeps going throughout the night.Tyler Brûlé (Monocle)

Rio Spends $600M to Make Its Airport More Bearable Before the Olympics

In 2014, Changi Airport Group—the folks who run Singapore’s fantastical Changi Airport—took over management of Galeão. Their improvements include 100 new shops, more parking, and 43,000 square feet in additional lounge space, but don’t expect butterfly gardens and movie theaters in Rio. This operation is more facelift than reconstructive surgery, with a focus on rethinking and retooling Galeão’s digital infrastructure.Aarian Marshall (Wired)

Po četrt stoletja neposredna letalska povezava Srbija-ZDA

Julijska akcija: povratna karta Ljubljana – Beograd – New York za slabih 500€.Žiga Sancin

Ryanair promises biggest ever sale on Friday to ‘reward’ voters – if Remain wins

We wouldn’t have grown to the size we’ve grown without Europe, the single market and deregulation. Low fares were brought to you by the single market. What Boris [Johnson] and Michael Gove want to go back to is a Europe when British Airways were charging £800 and only the rich could afford to fly.Michael O’Leary (Ryanair)

Zweite Klasse: Bahn verspricht Gratis-WLAN im ICE bis Jahresende

Die Bahn will mit ihrer Strategie zur Digitalisierung verhindern, dass junge Internet-Unternehmen Teile des Geschäfts abnehmen. So arbeite der Konzern daran, die verkehrsverbund- und verkehrsmittelübergreifende Reiseplanung und Buchung über eigene Apps wie Qixxit zu verbessern – “damit sich niemand zwischen uns und unsere Kunden schiebt und wir nur noch Lohnkutscher sind”, wie Grube sagte. Als Lohnkutscher könne man heute kein Geld mehr verdienen.jus/dpa (Spiegel)

Hotel review: Le Grand Bellevue, Gstaad

Unparalleled alpine luxury, unabashed glamour and the perfect place to ‘Come Up, Slow Down’.Louise Saunders (Daily Mail)

Interview: Rethinking Destination Marketing in the Age of Better Data and Airbnb

It’s interesting. We’ve seen how Uber and Airbnb are clearly disrupters. They’re changing the way we consume and view services in our industry. […] Now, there are the legislative issues that need to be dealt with in terms of compliance and regulation. That’s fine, and I’m sure in every city and every country, they’ll deal with it in the manner that they deem appropriate. But I think right now, for someone running a DMO, Airbnb needs to be viewed as a strategic partner, because again, they’re going to help achieve the visitation numbers. They are going to help achieve the total tourism numbers, depending upon their convention mix of business. Trust me, people who are coming to conventions, both large and small, they are Airbnb consumers.Don Welsh (Destination Marketing Association International)

Inside Masdar, the UAE’s Zero-Carbon City That Will Never Be

Renowned British architecture firm Foster+Partners developed the Masdar City plan in 2007, combining historic Arabic architectural cues with sustainable technology. Plans included some 88,000 solar panels to provide electricity to a city of 40,000 people, and a 148-foot wind tower to send a breeze through narrow, shaded streets. Instead of cars, everyone would use the Personal Rapid Transit system of driverless white pods to get around a city spread over just 2.3 square miles.Laura Mallonee (Wired)

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