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Travel on Tap: The Rise of Craft Beer Tourism

Tourism bureaus in Denver, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, and San Francisco were some of the first to develop travel experiences and digital storytelling around craft beer. Over the last couple of years, the trend has become more mainstream across the entire country as more bureaus see the potential to drive overnight visitation and higher spend, especially to underserved neighborhoods.Greg Oates (Skift)

Organizator Zlate lisice v stečaju

Predlagam, da se ustanovi Novi Branik, za direktorja pa se imenuje človeka z izkušnjami (npr. Srečka Vilarja). 😀Žiga Sancin

The chaos in Turkey has set tourism back a quarter century

Terrorism and political instability has triggered an unprecedented switch away from Turkey. Figures just released for June – before the attempted military coup – show a fall of 41 per cent in international arrivals compared with 2015. […] The market leader from the UK and Germany to Turkey is Thomas Cook. It revealed that it had cut capacity to Turkey by 40 per cent, leading to a £100m reduction in revenue between April and June this year.Simon Calder (The Independent)

Hotels Turn to ‘Member’ Discounts to Battle Travel Websites

The chains have started offering exclusive discounts as high as 25% this year to members of their loyalty programs who book through the hotels’ websites, a bid to avoid double-digit commissions charged to the hotels by online travel agents, such as Expedia Inc. and Priceline Group Inc. […] The contracts that hotels sign with third-party websites often prevent them from offering lower rates on their own sites, though hotel brands say they are free to offer the discounts to members of their loyalty programs.Drew FitzGerald (The Wall Street Journal)

Schwimmwanderung in Slowenien: Finde den Flow

Interessant.Žiga Sancin

The Definitive oral history of online travel

Beautiful!Žiga Sancin

Pet uspešnih mesecev za slovenski turizem

“Več prenočitev turistov kot v maju 2015 je bilo ustvarjenih v gorskih občinah (za devet odstotkov več) in v občini Ljubljana (za tri odstotke). V zdraviliških občinah je bilo število prenočitev približno enako kot v prejšnjem letu, v obmorskih občinah pa je bilo za odstotek nižje.” – Hm, kaj je tukaj uspešnega?!Sa. J. (RTV Slovenija), Žiga Sancin

Is JetBlue ready for flights to Europe?

JetBlue wouldn’t be the first to do so with narrowbody A321s. Iceland budget carrier WOW, for example, is now flying A321s from some East Coast cities to the short route to Iceland. And Portuguese carrier TAP is considering trans-Atlantic routes from several East Coast cities with the new A321s it’s slated to get later this decade, co-owner David Neeleman told Today in the Sky in June.Bart Jansen (USA Today)

Here are the 16 busiest airports in the world

It’s impressive to witness the dynamic character of the aviation industry and its evolution over time. Even in the most mature markets such as the United States and parts of Western Europe, several of the major hubs experienced year-over-year growth rates in passenger traffic that were well above the historical growth levels for these regions.Angela Gittens (ACI World)

POGLED NA ZAVRŠENU ZRAČNU LUKU ‘Franjo Tuđman’ spreman za tehnički sedam mjeseci prije roka

Uf! 😮Žiga Sancin

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