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Bavčar ga je zaprl, Batagelj pa po šestih letih spet odprl

Težava starega hotela so bile zimske sezone, ko niso znali pritegniti gostov. Mi smo zato ponudbi dodali kongresni dvorani – ena sprejeme 400, druga 200 ljudi. Sicer pa računamo še na individualne goste in skupine. Že mnogo let je štiri odstotke obiskovalcev Postojnske jame takih, ki prespijo v naši okolici in jim je Postojna izhodišče za obisk Ljubljane, Krasa, obale. Tudi zaradi njih pričakujemo, da bo imel hotel dovolj gostov. Prve izkušnje so dobre. Vrata hotela smo odprli junija in od takrat je bil skoraj polno zaseden.Marjan Batagelj (Postojnska jama)

Number of British holidaymakers going to the beach falls by a quarter in one year

The proportion of British travellers taking a beach holiday fell by 24 per cent in the past year, according to research by Abta, the travel association. Yet the number of people going on holiday increased by 12 per cent. […] The trend away from the high street and towards mobile bookings seems to have abated. The number of people booking through a high street travel agent increased slightly, while the proportion of sales through mobiles fell.Simon Calder (The Independent)

Griechischer Geldschwund: Strand voll, Kasse leer?

Von Januar bis August 2016 sollen 17,19 Millionen Touristen Griechenland besucht haben. Das waren immerhin 1,8 Prozent mehr als im Vorjahreszeitraum. Seit Montag redet darüber allerdings niemand mehr: Die griechische Zentralbank (Bank of Greece) hatte eine erste Bilanz der Urlaubssaison 2016 gezogen. Und die sieht seltsam mies aus. Denn die Banker fanden einen irritierenden Widerspruch in den Zahlen: Trotz Besucherrekord seien die Einnahmen von 9,25 Milliarden Euro im Vorjahr auf 8,43 Milliarden Euro gesunken – ein Rückgang um satte 8,8 Prozent.Takis Tsafos und Alexia Angelopoulou, dpa/pat (Spiegel)

8 dishes every Sichuan visitor needs to try

Many restaurants offer divided hotpots, so diners can cook their food in either a seething cauldron of chilies or a mildly flavored broth.Fuchsia Dunlop (CNN)

Volaris CEO Interview: Mexico’s Top Low-Cost Carrier Knows What Passengers Want

Mexico has 1.7 billion passengers [each year] that use buses to move themselves. What Volaris has done with its strategy is switch passengers from the bus traffic to the airline traffic. [In Mexico] the domestic air market has grown from 22 million passengers [annually, a decade ago] to almost 40 million passengers this year. 51 percent of that growth is attributed to the Volaris routes and the Volaris incursion into the market.Enrique Beltranena (Volaris)

Is this the most beautiful road in Europe?

😮Žiga Sancin

O, Canada! Country named 2017’s top travel destination

Canada, which celebrates its sesquicentennial next year, was named the top country to visit in 2017 by Lonely Planet. The guidebook and travel website publisher put the USA’s northern neighbor atop its list of must-visit countries, followed by Colombia and Finland.USA Today

The world’s best cities revealed

1. Bordeaux, France; 2. Cape Town, South Africa; 3. Los Angeles, US; 4. Mérida, Mexico; 5. Ohrid, Macedonia; 6. Pistoia, Italy; 7. Seoul, South Korea; 8. Lisbon, Portugal; 9. Moscow, Russia; 10. Portland (Oregon), USLonely Planet

Slovenia: A “Green Destination” of Many Hues

Our host country is a case in point, as it augments environmental responsibility with historic preservation, cultural pride, and, not incidentally, good food and wine. In Slovenia, “green” is no virtuous environmental monotone. It’s a vibrant rainbow. More places around the world would do well to follow suit.Jonathan Tourtellot (National Geographic)

Ryanair cuts check-in deadline to four days – unless passengers pay extra

While a number of other airlines have similarly tight check-in deadlines, the move runs counter to Ryanair’s “Always Getting Better” slogan – as well as recent efforts to improve its no-frills reputation.Oliver Smith (Telegraph)

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