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Slowenien: Nur Skifliegen ist schöner als Skifahren

Der Skisport ist in Slowenien auch Familiensache. Die Idee einer Rundumbetreuung durch Skilehrer und Animateure mit ausgefeilten Spielplätzen im Schnee, mit Wärmestuben, Mickymäusen und allen möglichen spielerischen Ablenkungen wird sich hier wohl nie durchsetzen.Volker Mehnert (FAZ)

Tourismusboom: Lissabon plant zweiten internationalen Flughafen

Angesichts stetig wachsender Touristenzahlen bekommt Lissabon einen zweiten internationalen Flughafen. Da der Humberto-Delgado-Flughafen in der portugiesischen Hauptstadt an seine Kapazitätsgrenze komme, werde der Militärstützpunkt Montijo ab 2019 für den kommerziellen Flugbetrieb umgebaut, teilte Infrastrukturminister Pedro Marques mit. Dort sollen demnach vor allem Mittelstrecken- und Billigflüge starten und landen.jus/AFP (Spiegel)

Airline launches a bottled beer brewed to taste best at 35,000 feet

Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific has launched Betsy Beer, which they claim is the world’s first hand-crafted bottled beer uniquely designed to be consumed mid-flight. The new beer will initially be served to first and business class passengers onboard flights between Hong Kong and Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester from 1 March until 30 April 2017.Harriet Mallinson (Daily Mail)

Travel Habits of Americans: 34% of Americans Didn’t Take a Break in 2016

We asked the same questions in both 2015 and in 2014. For 2014, 42% of Americans say they didn’t take a break, while for 2015 that number was 41%. For 2016, the picture was less bleak: 34.2% said that they did not take any time off throughout the year.Jason Clampet (Skift)

Fewer Niceties, Similar Price: Airlines Turn to ‘Basic Economy’ Fares

Basic Economy. Economy. Premium Economy. It’s the Economy, stupid! 😀Žiga Sancin

Paris tourist numbers drop due to fears over further terror attacks

The capital city and the Île-de-France region which surrounds it welcomed 1.5 million fewer holidaymakers in 2016 compared to 2015, according to the Regional Tourism Committee. This 0.8 per cent drop in visitors has cost the area 1.3 billion Euros, which is a 6.1 per cent fall in takings from 2015, Le Figaro reports. The new figures suggest the main reason tourists have been put off visiting Paris is fears over terrorism and security in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January 2015 and the attacks in November of the same year. Concerns seem to be particularly strong amongst Chinese and Japanese travellers, whose numbers have dropped 21.5 per cent and 41.2 per cent respectively.Rachel Hosie (The Independent)

Südtirol: Alta Badia kombiniert Wintersport mit gutem Essen

Südtirols Epizentrum für Feinschmecker ist aber St. Kassian in Alta Badia: Der 860-Seelen-Ort vereint drei Michelin-Sterne in zwei Hotelrestaurants. Zwei hält seit 2007 Südtirols bester Koch Norbert Niederkofler im „St. Hubertus“ im Hotel „Rosa Alpina“. Er ist spezialisiert auf feinste alpine Regionalküche, bei ihm bekommt man zum Beispiel Milchferkel und Getreide mit Sandwich vom Schweinskopf. Nachbar Matteo Metullio im „La Siriola“ im Hotel „Ciasa Solares“ hat einen Stern und tischt eher Experimentelles auf, etwa Rote-Bete-Risotto mit Plankton und Ziegenkäse.Viola Keeve (Die Welt)

Množično “nerazumevanje” (ne)prenosljivosti smučarskih vozovnic v Kranjski Gori

Ubogi Slovenci! 😀Žiga Sancin

CEO Interview: Air Asia X’s Plan to Make Cheap Trans-Pacific Flights a Reality

From seven or 10 years ago, when we first started, I always said low-cost carriers would be a big thing. You’ve seen it in the States with Southwest. You’ve seen it in Europe with Ryanair. But there will always be room for legacy carriers. The problem with Asia is that there are a lot of national carriers. The way I look at it, there will be [consolidation] among the national carriers, especially the international carriers. Some of them will be phased out. But there will be a dual carrier [system]. People will want a choice. There will be low-cost carriers, and there will be legacy carriers. Low cost carriers will probably be growing bigger and bigger because obviously the population base and the market is much bigger. And a lot of people will trade down, especially during periods of economic crisis because everyone will still want to travel.Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (Air Asia X)

Airbnb Buys Tilt, Signaling Its Growing Interest In Group Travel

Prior reports pegged the purchase price as in the $10-$20 million range, but those estimates reflected just one part of the broader deal. The final price, sources say, including employee retention packages, is closer to the $62.1 million that Tilt had previously raised from investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Felicis Ventures.Ainsley O’Connell (Fast Company)

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