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Walking (slowly) is the best way to enjoy Slovenia’s peaks and valleys

There was a thought that we might lose weight in a week of rigorous exercise, but such are the tasty meats and cheeses, fruit and wine, that it works out quite differently.James Hughes-Onslow (Daily Mail)

Google Flights Gains Popularity Among Millennials as It Adds Booking Sites

Surprise, surprise.Žiga Sancin

Les Arcs ski resort lures Brits with Brexit-busting offer

The resort of Les Arcs, part of the huge Paradiski area, is organising a Great British Celebration at the end of March. The four-day festival for its “British friends” will feature a Robin Hood tournament (with contestants armed with foam-tipped arrows), a pyjama party, ski and sledge races between the nations and several other opportunities to “celebrate the Franco-British friendship”.Sam Haddad (The Guardian)

Airlines Phasing Out Screens Because You Are All on Your Devices

Experts said that if airliners are going to rely on consumer electronics for in-flight entertainment, the carriers should be prepared to offer another amenity: outlets for passengers to charge their devices.Christopher Mele (New York Times)

Airbus to cut the size of the superjumbo’s ‘grand staircase’ – to squeeze in more seats

Details of the remake are yet to be finalised but the pending redesign aims to increase profitability by raising the aircraft’s capacity to more than 600. Fuel consumption could also be improved with the addition of vertical wingtips, which could potentially improve efficiency by around two per cent.Soo Kim (Telegraph)

V Zagrebu odpirajo nov letališki megaterminal, kaj to pomeni za Ljubljano?

Vse po starem. 😀Žiga Sancin

Interview: Facebook’s Head of Travel on Hotels Going Mobile

We’re finding that Instagram is a place, as I mentioned previously, really a place for inspiration, where people go to be inspired about where they can take their next trip. Conversely, Facebook is very much a discovery platform, where people can connect with people, brands, and also the messages that may be most aligned with them, to help them discover where they could go on their next trip.Christine Warner (Facebook)

How Delta and Alessi Brought High Design to 30,000 Feet

RASM in the front, CASM in the back. Basically, if your CASM is higher than your RASM you lose. Vice versa, you survive. You can even make money.Richard Aboulafia (Teal Group)

British Airways is getting a low-cost sister airline

It will be based in Barcelona, which is also the hub for Vueling, IAG’s Spanish no-frills airline. The new carrier will initially have two new Airbus A330 aircraft branded in its own livery and fitted with 293 economy and 21 premium economy seats. But Level will not have any pilots or cabin crew of its own. Instead, staff from its sister carrier, Iberia, will operate the planes.Simon Calder (The Independent)

Schweiz: Ortsgespräch zum Himmel

Das Ende des legendären „Marmite“ ist wie eine Metapher für das heutige St. Moritz. Denn die Diva unter den Schweizer Skiorten fröstelt im abgekühlten Weltklima weit mehr als vergleichbare Luxusziele. „Top of the World“? Inzwischen ist man ziemlich unsanft auf dem Boden der Tatsachen angekommen. Seit dem Jahr 2008 geht es stetig bergab. Fast ein Drittel der Logiernächte hat man eingebüßt. Gut tausend Betten verschwanden wegen Hotelschließungen in der Region.Sibylle Zehle (FAZ)

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