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Etihad Lends Its Support to Air Berlin Despite Mounting Losses

Germany’s second-largest carrier is shedding tourism and point-to-point operations, shrinking its fleet by half to transform itself into a network airline. The process contributed to pushing the operating loss to 667 million euros ($739 million) last year, more than twice the 2015 level. This year hasn’t got off to a strong start, with the first-quarter loss widening 58 percent to 272 million euros, Air Berlin said in a statement.Richard Weiss (Bloomberg)

What Anthony Bourdain Can’t Travel Without

I’m tragically familiar with the offerings at just about every airport in the world. Probably Changi Airport in Singapore has the best food; it has a hawker center for the employees that’s open to the public. Tokyo has a sushi bar right near the gates serving flights to the States that’s extraordinarily good for an airport sushi place. And, as important, it has a Lawson convenience store that has these ethereal egg salad sandwiches that defy logic and science with their deliciousness and apparent freshness. They sit there at near room temperature for I don’t know how long on white bread wrapped in plastic, and I don’t know why but they’re ridiculously good.Anthony Bourdain

Tech Made Cities Too Expensive. Here’s How to Fix It

Some tech leaders say the problem will fix itself as the soaring cost of living in the Bay Area eventually pushes startups to less expensive places like Austin or Omaha. But the Bay Area’s share of startups and VC investment has increased from roughly 22 percent of the US total in 1995 to 46.5 percent in 2015.Richard Florida

Uber’s Flying Taxis Will First Take To The Skies In Dallas-Fort Worth And Dubai

Given Uber’s demand for quiet VTOL aircraft, its first batch of manufacturers includes some unexpected choices. They include Dallas-based Bell Helicopter, military and civilian plane maker Aurora Flight Sciences, glider and small plane maker Pipistrel Aircraft, jet manufacturer Embraer, and private plane maker Mooney. Absent from the list are companies with craft that seem to perfectly fit Uber’s vision—even as portrayed in its conceptual drawings—such as Airbus (with its Vahana plane), Joby Aviation, and Lilium. All three have tilting wings or engines that point down for VTOL and then rotate parallel to the ground to fly like regular planes.Sean Captain (Fast Company)

Swingers campsite opens in southwestern France

?Žiga Sancin

Flixbus bo v Ljubljani in Mariboru postavil največji prometni vozlišči za okoliške države

Ali bo Flixbus odprl podjetje v Sloveniji in koliko ljudi bo zaposlil, pri Flixbusu ne razkrivajo. Več naj bi povedali 16. maja, ko bodo v Ljubljani organizirali tiskovno konferenco. Za zdaj so dodali povezavo med Mariborom in Češko, z začetkom poletne sezone pa napovedujejo nove povezave.Nataša Koražija (Finance)

Norwegian Air to Debut London to Singapore Route With Discounted Airfares

Tickets on the new route will start at 179 pounds ($230) one-way, with “premium” seats priced from 699 pounds, Norwegian said in a statement Thursday. The service will commence Sept. 28 with four weekly flights from London’s Gatwick airport and will be operated with Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliner aircraft seating as many as 344 passengers.Richard Weiss (Bloomberg)

Can Pop-Up Hotels Become A Permanent Fixture With Travelers?

Just like how over the course of the last 20 years, design hotels reinvigorated and advanced the hotel industry, I believe that in the next 15 to 20 years, experiential hotels will do the same.Peter Mack (Collective Retreats)

Step aside Denmark. Norway takes world’s happiest nation crown

We believe experiences beat physical things by miles. Few of us see the point in sports cars or designer clothes; lasting friendships and shared memories are so much more valuable. Equality brings happiness, and this is a priority in Norway. Oil and fish have made us wealthy, and there are relatively small differences in income across society, so envy gets less of a shot. Tax is high, but healthcare and education are free, and most feel we get value for money.Gunnar Garfors (The Guardian)

Airbnb’s Rivals in China Hold Hands in a Nervous New Market

Airbnb sees big promise in China, where travel spending reached nearly $500 billion in 2015 thanks to a new generation of domestic tourists. On Wednesday in Shanghai, Airbnb unveiled a new Chinese name — Aibiying, which means “welcome each other with love” — as well as efforts to increase local hiring and deals to draw visitors to Shanghai with offers such as behind-the-scenes visits to the Chinese opera.Amie Tsang and Paul Mozur (New York Times)

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