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How Old Fogeys Like Avis Plan to Future-Proof Against the Robocar Revolution

Those old-fashioned companies know a few things about managing and maintaining fleets, skills Silicon Valley upstarts don’t have—and desperately need as they roll out their self-driving cars. That explains why Avis just announced a deal to take care of Waymo’s fleet of autonomous minivans in Phoenix, and Hertz will reportedly play a role in keeping Apple’s robocars running.Alex Davies (Wired)

SNCF führt neue Marke ein: TGV wird InOui

Am Samstag fährt der erste InOui bei der Einweihung der neuen Schnellstrecke von Paris nach Bordeaux, am Sonntag beginnt dort dann der reguläre Betrieb. Die Fahrzeit für die 537 Kilometer verkürzt sich auf zwei Stunden.Sebastian Kunigkeit, dpa (Spiegel)

Poleti med Doho in Ljubljano? Katarci se ozirajo po Brniku

V ospredju je začetek izvajanja poletov v Skopje in Sarajevo, premišljujemo pa tudi o Ljubljani. Veliko je destinacij, na katere bi lahko izvajali polete z ozkotrupnimi letali. Svoje kapacitete preusmerjamo na druge destinacije in povečujemo frekvenco poletov na sedanje destinacije.Akbar Al Baker (Qatar Airways)

Airbus’ Latest Bet to Save the A380 Super Jumbo: Adding Winglets

This week at the Paris Air Show, Airbus announced the revamped “A380plus,” a refresh that packs even more passengers into the super-jumbo and tweaks the wing design. The upswept winglets found on most modern airliners boost fuel efficiency by eliminating turbulent air vortices at the wingtips, reducing drag and improving aerodynamics.Eric Adams (Wired)

Uber CEO Resigns Following Leadership Crisis He Created

While Uber has become the world’s most valuable startup, it’s been dogged by drama including allegations of sexual harassment and the use of software to bypass regulators. The ouster of the man who founded Uber in 2009 comes after a series of controversies shone a light on problems with the famously aggressive startup’s culture and governance. As Uber’s public face, Kalanick has embodied the startup’s success. Earlier this month, he told staff of plans for a leave of absence, leaving the company to be run by a management committee. Despite recent turmoil, Uber’s business is growing. Revenue increased to $3.4 billion in the first quarter, while losses narrowed — though they remain substantial at $708 million.Eric Newcomer (Bloomberg)

Too Hot to Fly? Climate Change May Take a Toll on Air Travel

One of the most important changes for global travel involves the jet stream, the powerful upper-atmosphere winds that aircraft must navigate. Jet stream patterns influence flight routes, travel time and airline fuel economy because long-distance air corridors are designed to take maximum advantage of prevailing weather patterns, which give a tailwind to eastbound flights and a headwind to westbound ones. Jet stream winds at high altitudes are getting more intense, researchers say, which not only makes flights bumpier but also potentially affects travel times. Dr. Williams pointed out that from Jan. 8 to Jan. 12, 2015, a strong jet stream forced some flights from Europe to the United States to make unscheduled refueling stops on the East Coast before reaching their final destinations, even though they should have had enough fuel to make it all the way. On the other hand, flights in the other direction during that time with the jet stream at their backs made the trip faster than usual. In fact, a British Airways flight broke the conventional passenger jet trans-Atlantic speed record, making the trip in 5 hours and 16 minutes, Dr. Williams pointed out. Only the supersonic Concorde has done it faster.Zach Wichter (New York Times)

Qatar scoops airline of the year at the Oscars of aviation

Skytrax gave Qatar Airways top marks when it came to the quality of in-flight meals and the standard of service. Five star ratings were also given for seat comfort levels and the entertainment offered. Coming in second place at the annual awards – which took place during the Paris Air Show – was Singapore Airlines, followed by ANA All Nippon Airways. Emirates, which was 2016’s winner, landed at fourth place this year. Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Hainan Airlines and Garuda Indonesia were other airlines to make the top ten.Sadie Whitelocks (Daily Mail)

Why Slovenia’s Piran is the antidote to Venice

Lassa pur dir.Žiga Sancin

Paris Air Show: Boeing unveils a bigger 737

The Max 10 is aimed largely at rival Airbus and its updated A320neo family of narrowbody planes that are a direct competitor to Boeing’s 737. While the 737 remains the best-selling commercial aircraft of all time, Airbus recently has enjoyed an edge in the market for such singe-aisle jets, “outselling the U.S. plane maker roughly five to one in sales for the biggest single-aisle jets,” according to CNN.Ben Mutzabaugh (USA Today)

The Best Biking Cities on the Planet

8. Ljubljana, Slovenia (2015 Ranking: 13)
Ljubljana is poised for dramatic change. All the elements are in place. There is no reason why the city cannot crack a 20 or even 30 percent modal share for bicycles in just a few years. Much of its infrastructure follows best practice guidelines, which makes it easier to build further. But cars still occupy a lot of space in the city’s transport policy. The balance needs to tip more in favor of public transport and bicycles. The high car ownership rate in the country must be reduced.Mikael Colville-Andersen (Copenhagenize Design Company)

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