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This is why Boeing 787s are mainly used on short-haul routes

Among the top Dreamliner routes – those carrying the most passengers – two transatlantic links appear: Heathrow-Chicago, thanks to American Airlines’ four-daily service on the 4,000-mile journey, and Madrid-Bogota, with Avianca running three flights a day on the 5,000-mile haul. But the top five above them are all routes that could be flown by a Douglas DC-3 piston-engined plane – which would still have enough range to fly back without refuelling. In fifth place, at 400 miles: Tokyo-Hiroshima. Fourth is the only international link: Tokyo to Seoul, at 740 miles. Third and second also start or end in the Japanese capital, with destinations of Osaka (250 miles) and Fukuoka (550). Top route for the Dreamliner by a long chalk, though, is the 720-mile, two-hour link between Vietnam’s capital and largest city.Simon Calder (The Independent)

Video: Z letališkimi prevozi pri nas služijo predvsem zasebniki

Naslov vreden Tanjuga iz starih dobrih časov! ? Sicer pa, v Jakarti pelje en Damrijev avtobus (javno prevozno podjetje) na uro, oz. dokler ni poln, s parkirišča (!) železniške postaje v centru mesta proti letališču z letnim prometom ca. 59 milijonov potnikov. Ni slabo. ?Žiga Sancin

Uber’s New CEO Is Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

Khosrowshahi has guided Expedia since 2005. From 1998 until that point, he was CFO of IAC and then CEO of IAC Travel. IAC was Expedia’s parent company at the time. From 1998 in partnership with Barry Diller, who is Expedia’s senior executive, Khosrowshahi made a slew of acquisitions, including that of Expedia,, Hotwire, TripAdvisor, and many more. During his time serving as CEO of Expedia, Khosrowshahi has overseen its global expansion, and in 2015 it acquired Travelocity, Orbitz, and vacation rental giant HomeAway among other buys.Jason Clampet (Skift)

Instagram Is Eating Dining

If you live in New York or Los Angeles or San Francisco—or, increasingly, London, Paris, and any other self-styled stylish city—you’ve seen similar people strike similar poses outside similarly unique restaurants, cafes, and bars over the last few years. “Influencer” is the catch-all term, a descriptor that is either highly covetable or dripping with irony, depending on who you talk to. But most of the people snapping away outside places like Cha Cha are only aspiring to that label, or maybe they’re just heavy Instagrammers, like any one of us —which means they’re not getting paid to shoot, filter, edit, tag, geotag, share, and like. What they represent to Cha Cha—and, really, what any customer with a smartphone and half an Instagram habit represent—is free advertising.T.M. Brown (Fast Company)

Tomaž Kavčič: Med kuharji je preveč zvezdništva

Na prvem mestu je dobra osnovna sestavina, ki je ne smemo pokvariti oziroma preobremeniti z drugimi sestavinami. Vsako jed je treba pripraviti tako, da gost začuti, da smo mislili nanj, ko smo jo pripravljali. Ko ustvarjam jedi, se poskušam postaviti na drugo stran, v pozicijo gosta. Kaj bi meni godilo? Vsekakor čim manj kompliciranja. Če pridem s svojim denarjem in si vzamem tri ure svojega časa, ki je tudi dragocen, kdo je gostinec, da mi bo te trenutke pokvaril. Poleg tega ne smemo pozabiti, od kod smo. Spoštovati moramo torej tradicijo, okolico in letne čase. Šele ko vse to obvladamo, smo lahko kreativni in inovativni.Tomaž Kavčič

Route 66: Ein Königreich für einen Mustang

Es ist schwer, in einem Wagen das Tempo zu halten, der mit mehr als vierhundert PS in weniger als fünf Sekunden eine Geschwindigkeit erreicht, die in ganz Amerika auf keiner Straße erlaubt ist, und dessen Cruise Control nicht funktioniert.Freddy Langer (FAZ)

Japan’s standing-room-only steak houses

You wait at your station for the meat to arrive, flushed rare and topped with an aromatic cluster of fried garlic. As at a bar, you stand at a narrow counter between fellow diners; at busy times, there’s just enough elbow room to comfortably slice into your steak. Make sure to try the flavourful soy-based hot sauce – not chilli hot but steaming hot in temperature.Elisabeth Rosen (The Guardian)

Slovenija novo turistično strategijo gradi na petzvezdičnih doživetjih

Malo zamujam… Meni je še posebej pri srcu prvi scenarij (brez večjih naložb v turistično infrastrukturo). Kaj takega si domači pisci strategij ne bi upali predlagati. ?Žiga Sancin

Layovers That Give Travelers a Break and Hub Cities a Boost

Other airlines got into the game after watching what happened to Dubai when Emirates Airlines adopted the stopover idea in 2002. Emirates and other airlines in the region benefit from a home base at the midpoint of many global routes. When the stopover began, 16 million travelers passed through the Dubai airport. By 2016, it was the world’s busiest international airport, with 86 million travelers. Today Dubai has become a stand-alone, luxury-oriented destination and Emirates does not always offer the stopover.Christine Negroni (New York Times)

Air Berlin Files for Bankruptcy as Etihad Pulls Funding

The Economy Ministry and Transport Ministry immediately announced in a joint statement to allay travelers’ fears that they could be stranded on summer holiday, saying the government would provide a loan of 150 million euros ($177 million) so the airline it can continue flights for the time being.David Rising (Associated Press)

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