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Delta to Offer Free In-Flight Text Messaging

Delta said that passengers on all flights on planes equipped with Wi-Fi from the broadband provider Gogo — which covers all but 130 small commuter planes out of the airline’s 1,300 aircraft — would be able to send real-time texts through the apps iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, including international trips. SMS texts sent through cell networks will not be allowed, per regulatory restrictions, the airline said.Tiffany Hsu (New York Times)

Ryanair may face legal action over flight cancellations

Ryanair dismissed suggestions that its scheduling problems have been exacerbated by an overall shortage of pilots, insisting that it has recruited 186 since the problem began and has a long waiting list of applicants. But it declined to say how many of the pilots on its waiting list have the number of flying hours required to be a captain. […] Many of Ryanair’s 4,200 pilots fly for the airline on a temporary contract basis rather than as full employees, a situation that has been a bone of contention for some. In letters that have been circulated among Ryanair pilots at dozens of bases across Europe, some have demanded that the airline ditch the contract model in favour of local employment contracts.Rob Davies and Angela Monaghan (The Guardian)

Battle of the budget airlines: Norwegian is poaching Ryanair’s pilots – are its passengers next?

Norwegian is perhaps best known in the UK for its headline-grabbing fares to the US, Argentina and Singapore (New York for £60, anyone?), but last week it was in the news again as experts suggested it had exacerbated Ryanair’s “messing up” of its staff holiday schedule by poaching 140 of the Irish airline’s pilots in just a year.Hugh Morris (Telegraph)

Google Travel Is Worth $100 Billion — Even More Than Priceline

Using a 7x multiple on our estimated 2017 numbers for Google, the Google travel business could be worth as much as $100 billion or 15 percent of Google’s $650 billion market cap. This would be comparable to — but larger than — Priceline’s current value of $91 billion. We emphasize that using a simple price to sales multiple is more illustrative than definitive, but clearly with potentially $14 billion in travel revenue, Google is already, and has been for many years, a leader in the travel industry.Jared Wein (Skift)

Wandern zwischen Steiermark und Slowenien: Erst Germkipferl, dann Gibanica-Strudel

Während auf der österreichischen Seite fast jedes größere Weingut herausgeputzt ist, sieht es in Slowenien so aus wie nördlich der Grenze vor 30 Jahren. Wege sind geschottert statt geteert, der Putz blättert ab von manchen Gehöften, nicht jeder Hang ist mit Wein bebaut. Mit etwas Glück erblickt man hier Störche, hört Frösche quaken, riecht den Duft der Wildblumen – und schmeckt die Brombeeren, die sich im Spätsommer widerstandslos pflücken lassen.Claus Hecking (Spiegel)

Tokyo is revealed as the cheapest long haul destination

The Post Office’s Long Haul Holiday Report was based on the costs of ten tourist items, including a cup of coffee, a bottle of lager, a can of Coca-Cola, a glass of wine, a cocktail, a chocolate bar, a bottle of water, sun cream, insect repellent and a three-course meal for two.Sadie Whitelocks (Daily Mail)

Ryanair may force pilots to change holiday plans amid flight cancellations

At its general shareholder meeting on Thursday, Europe’s largest low-cost airline said that pilots were this week offered a bonus of up to €12,000 (£10,600) to work 10 extra days to combat a huge staff shortage that has resulted in around 2,000 flight cancellations so far. […] Mr O’Leary also denied reports that some pilots had rejected the extra cash and demanded more favourable contracts instead. He said that the pilots had not threatened industrial action.Simon Calder, Josie Cox (The Independent)

Low Fares And Snack Fees—How No-Frills Favorite Norwegian Air Went Global

Critics say he has gone out of his way to skirt Norway’s strict regulations and high taxes, lowball foreign workers, and shrink the number of union workers on his payroll.Cayleigh Parrish (Fast Company)

Interview: Virgin Atlantic CEO on Loyalty and Low-Cost Competition

I have always been of the view that low-cost and low fares were going to be an issue on long-haul. The fact that it’s Norwegian instead of someone else is today’s [issue]. But we have got to price in a way so that customers see our combination of price and experience as valuable enough that they choose to book on us. In some cases, that means matching almost exactly and in some cases maybe not. But in all cases, we have to take into account that they are there. This company was created 34 years ago as a competitor, not as an incumbent. We have a spirit of competition about us, and we are happy to take them on.Craig Kreeger (Virgin Atlantic)

Terme prodale Travel shope, v hotele vstopajo Francozi

Tipično poslovanje slabe banke. Zakaj niso “prodali” še preostalega portfelja (Fontana, Habakuk)? Več ali manj cel portfelj je potreben obnove; višjih prodajnih cen ne bodo dosegli.Žiga Sancin

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