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660 milijonov za prenovo mariborskega letališča

Letos je Maribor dobil redne letalske povezave z Londonom, Berlinom, Hamburgom, Barcelono, Zürichom, Beogradom, Splitom, Podgorico, Šjanom, Čongčingom in Nančangom. Marca bo na letališču v Mariboru že dokončana podaljšana vzletno-pristajalna steza. Tik pred lokalnimi volitvami naslednje leto pa bodo letališče v Mariboru preuredili v slovensko-kitajski vesoljski center po vzoru Cape Canaverala.Žiga Sancin

Google Hotels Revamps Mobile Features as Its Ambitions Expand

Google shares with hotels lots of data about consumer buying patterns that online travel agencies hide from hotels and that hoteliers can use to help drive more direct bookings by improving demand forecasting, rate-setting, and booking flow optimization on their own websites.Sean O’Neill (Skift)

Air traffic control tower now a restaurant

The tower, all that remains of the long-gone Stapleton International airport, has been transformed into an “eatertainment” venue for Denver-based company Punch Bowl Social. This renovation combines diner-style food, bowling, karaoke and stunning views of Denver below.Francesca Street (CNN)

Abu Dhabi is all about fine food and fantastic art

Tourism numbers are reportedly growing at more than ten per cent a year, and next year almost five million visitors are expected. However, most go for the winter sunshine, the combed white-sand beaches and the luxurious hotels that for much of the year offer very competitive prices.Graham Boynton (Daily Mail)

Winter in den Alpen: Bei Skipass-Preisen wird jetzt gezockt

Weil die Gäste wegblieben, schockierte Saas-Fee, einer der bekanntesten Wintersportorte der Alpen, bereits in der vorigen Saison die Konkurrenz mit dem ersten Skipass zum Discounterpreis: Fünf Monate Skifahren für etwa 200 Euro. Erst wurde Saas-Fee dafür als Lidl der Branche verhöhnt, der die Preise versaut. Doch als einziger Wintersportort schaffte er damit aus dem Stand heraus gleich mal 20 Prozent mehr Besucher heran – davon elf Prozent aus Deutschland. Denn der Discounterpreis lohnt auch bei einer Woche Skiferien. Der reguläre Sechs-Tage-Pass in Saas-Fee kostet sonst umgerechnet 313 Euro. Auch in dieser Saison gibt es das Discounter-Angebot, weshalb andere Skigebiete stinksauer sind – und eiligst an ähnlichen Skipass-Ideen feilen.Kira Hanser (Die Welt)

Foto: V Intercontinentalovi B-restavraciji, najvišji restavraciji v mestu

No ja, malce hecno vse skupaj… ?Žiga Sancin

Why Airbus Lost Its Super Jumbo Deal With Emirates

Significantly, Emirates also had no agreement in place with engine supplier Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc, said the people. The carrier’s last A380 deal for 50 planes in 2015 saw it switch to the U.K. manufacturer following a pitch that was keenly priced and offered particularly appealing terms for the maintenance work from which engine-makers usually draw most of their profits.Benedikt Kammel and Benjamin Katz (Bloomberg)

Is skiing in America or Europe better?

It’s too close to call! Really, it depends what you’re after. If keeping costs down, excellent après and mega-sized ski areas are your focus, Europe has the edge. If you’re looking for spacious accommodation, top-notch service, better beginner and family-friendly instruction and a chance to explore “off piste” without ever putting your insurance at risk, the US might suit you better. Either way, each individual resort will have its own strengths and weaknesses – it’s always worth doing your homework before booking a holiday.Helen Coffey (The Independent)

Porsche designs ski chairlift for Alpe d’Huez in France

A typical French gondola without external ski/board racks. ?Žiga Sancin

Not so sheepish now: Google Street View adds the Faroe Islands

Meanwhile, the enterprising tourist board is on to its next stunt: campaigning to have Faroese included on Google Translate. Again, it started by creating a DIY version, Faroe Islands Translate, with locals translating live by video. An estimated 80,000 people speak Faroese worldwide – if the campaign is as successful as Sheep View, by this time next year, there could be a whole lot more.Rachel Dixon (The Guardian)

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