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Naturpark Dobratsch in Kärnten: Hart rauf, sanft runter

Am Dobratsch lernten die Villacher Skifahren, und auch sonst ist der Berg für die Einheimischen etwas Besonderes. Wie ein kleines Gebirge baut sich dessen langgezogener Kamm westlich von Villach auf – unübersehbar und landschaftsformend: Am 25. Januar 1348 rutschte auf etwa einem Kilometer Länge 30 Millionen Kubikmeter Gestein ins Gailtal. Außerdem ist der Dobratsch nicht nur Trinkwasserspeicher, am Fuß des Berges entspringen auch mehrere Thermalquellen. Neben einigen Hotels nutzt auch die Kärntentherme das Wasser.Stefan Herbke, srt/abl (Spiegel)

The Race to Faster In-Flight Wi-Fi Means Improvements for Passengers

Airbus SE and Boeing Co. also fit most of these newer systems onto new airplanes as part of the final assembly process. In terms of the most Wi-Fi access, Delta Air Lines Inc., American Airlines Group Inc. and Emirates take the top three spots, with Delta and Emirates also among the 13 airlines that offer Wi-Fi on all of their long-haul flights, according to the report released Tuesday.Justin Bachman (Bloomberg)

In Iceland, food is a challenge, not a meal

Bringing people up-close to the source of their food is admirably rational, but that rotten fish seemed anything but. And as I ate my way down to and across capital city Reykjavik, eating more rotten, sour and dung-smoked foods, it occurred to me that Icelandic food culture was not only odd, but possibly unique. Though eating cheaper and often less-obviously appetizing parts of animals and plants is common, every other national cuisine I’d tried took pride in how good they were able to make their calf stomach (Bulgarian shkembe), sheep’s brain (Moroccan mokh mchermel) or cows’ tails (Jamaican oxtail stew). But Icelanders like Gísli, it seems, revel in how bad their traditional food is.Bert Archer (BBC)

Business class: Qatar Airways shows off luxurious new ‘Qsuite’ seats

In another unique offering, Qatar Airways’ Qsuites cabin features a “quad” option that allows four suites to be combined into a shared space for up four people traveling together. That can done by lowering the walls between two forward-facing and two rear-facing seat pairs that are anchored to a center console area. When the walls are lowered, a desk-like space anchors the central area between the four seats. If four people are not traveling together the quad arrangement also can accommodate either two or three people flying together.Ben Mutzabaugh (USA Today)

Uber CEO plans to have self-driving taxis in service within 18 months

Volvo said it would provide Uber with its flagship XC90 SUVs equipped with autonomous technology as part of a non-exclusive deal from 2019 to 2021. Combining Volvo’s cars with Uber’s self-driving system builds on their nearly three-year relationship.Harry Pettit (Daily Mail)

Skifahren in Tschechien: Jenseits von Österreich

Skifahren in Tschechien, das ist etwas Exotisches, auf das man sich einlassen muss. Im Krkonoše, wie die Tschechen ihr Gebirge nennen, ist die Sprache für deutsche Touristen noch unverständlicher als in Österreich. Die tschechische Krone erinnert an die D-Mark-Schilling-Umrechnungszeiten, Gulasch und Knödel auf den Hütten, die hier Bauden heißen, können es mit alpiner Kulinarik aufnehmen, kosten aber nur ein Viertel davon.Andreas Lesti (FAZ)

Boeing Decides to Make Its Own Seats as Manufacturing Delays Anger Airlines

The strategy furthers the Chicago-based planemaker’s foray into so-called vertical integration as Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg seeks to bring more work back in-house. That’s a reversal of the outsourcing that dominated its strategy a decade ago, when Boeing was building the first 787 Dreamliner.Julie Johnsson (Bloomberg)

Airports (Like Carriers) Use Twitter to Ease Travelers’ Concerns

With airplanes often filled almost to the brim and air travel increasingly unpredictable, airports have begun using social media to communicate with passengers. The hope is to turn what the industry calls dwell time, the two to three hours that passengers spend between curbside check-in and boarding, into a positive experience — one that can be lucrative for the airport.Amy Zipkin (New York Times)

First look: Seoul Incheon Airport’s new Terminal 2 big on high tech, art

A fleet of robots has been deployed inside the airport to help passengers find their ways. Word has it the robots are even programmed to lead individual passengers to their gates. Photovoltaic panels on the roof and natural greenery inside the terminal help keep the air fresh and lower heating and ventilation costs.Harriet Baskas (USA Today)

Norway wants all short-haul flights to be electric by 2040

If the rule is enforced, it would cover all domestic flights under 90 minutes in Norway and those to neighbouring Scandinavian countries. Avinor plans to launch a tender offer to test a commercial route flown with a small electric plane with 19 seats, starting in 2025.Jennifer Newton (Daily Mail)

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