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To je nova turistična ponudba, ki bo nastala s subvencijami

Pred 15. leti nisi dobil podpore brez spletne strani. Trenutno je očitno ne dobiš brez mobilne aplikacije. Najbrž je čez 15 let ne boš dobil brez umetne inteligence. ?Žiga Sancin

Airbnb’s billionaire founder plots to launch an AIRLINE

We’ve seriously considered a lot of things around aviation and we’ve spent a lot of time exploring different concepts. We definitely want to make sure, though, that we can get into the end-to-end trip business.Brian Chesky (Airbnb)

Qatar Airways takes delivery of Airbus’ biggest A350 yet

The big wave of replacement of Boeing’s 777-300ER, which we target with the -1000, will start around 2020-23. It is time to be much more aggressive, to explain to Boeing’s customers that this aircraft will be the better choice than the 777-9X.Fabrice Bregier (Airbus)

Qantas Is Opening a Training School to Deal With Pilot Shortage

The Australian airline is setting up a school to train as many as 500 pilots a year, it said Thursday as it reported record first-half profits. The carrier will initially produce about 100 pilots a year just for Qantas, and other airlines could ultimately pay for training at the facility, Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce told reporters.Angus Whitley (Bloomberg)

From New Airbnb Plus, Properties With More Amenities

Today, to coincide with its 10th anniversary, the company is launching Airbnb Plus, a brand of accommodations that are guaranteed to meet 100 different criteria and come with certain amenities. Airbnb Plus is debuting with more than 2,000 homes in 13 cities including Los Angeles, Toronto, Milan and Shanghai. By the end of this year, according to Mr. Chesky, these numbers will grow to include over 75,000 homes in more than 50 destinations. In comparison, Airbnb’s main platform has more than 4.5 million listings in 81,000 cities.Shivani Vora (New York Times)

Looking for a Smart City? Grab Your Skis

Ski resorts aren’t just smart already—they have been for a while. They’re experts at tracking skiers and snowboarders alike in an effort to make them really enjoy their winter vacation, and come back very soon. Cities wanting to get savvier about data collection might want to listen up.Aarian Marshall (Wired)

Majhenič: Naj politika odloči, kaj bomo s Pohorjem

Pravnomočni obsojenec še vedno trdi, da je imel dovolj snega za izvedbo Zlate lisice. ?Žiga Sancin

Polovica italijanskih fudijev v Sloveniji ni bila zadovoljna s hrano. Kako to spremeniti?

Tudi sama, kadar potujem, zdržim samo eno vrhunsko večerjo v dveh tednih. Drugo mora biti pristna, iskrena, domača hrana. Če hočemo uspeti, moramo imeti celotno piramido, od vrhunskih restavracij do gostiln z enostavno pripravljeno domačo hrano. Čaka nas še veliko dela.Ana Roš

The Ultra-Rich Are Telling Their Travel Agents They Want Extreme Personalization

When you look at some of the great stuff being done in our industry, it’s all about privatizing something. Any museum or any store—it could be Louis Vuitton or Baccarat or the Musée d’Orsay, you name it—can be turned into a setting for a private dinner. Literally anything is possible with money.Harlan deBell (Travel Siblings)

America’s golden oldie: Hipsters have replaced San Francisco hippies

During 1967’s Summer of Love, pier workers fought their way through crowds of garland-waving hippies who gathered here to shout about the Vietnam War. Now, more than 50 years on, hipsters have replaced hippies in Haight-Ashbury. A handful of psychedelic shops filled with tie-dye are squeezed between boutiques and organic cafes. The closest encounter I have with a possible hippy is when I crouch down to take a picture of an enormous rainbow-themed piece of street art and accidentally disturb a dreadlocked local dozing in a doorway.Tamara Hinson (Daily Mail)

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