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Swiss railways named best operator in Europe

The Great Train Comparison Report, commissioned by online train booking service Loco2, surveyed all but one of the European rail companies that offer high-speed, long-distance daytime trains, with journeys of at least 400km. Overall, Swiss Federal Railways came out top after taking first place in four categories; best for families, disabled passengers, cyclists and winter sports. It was followed closely by German rail operator Duetsche Bahn (DB) and ÖBB Austrian Railways, which came joint second with a strong performance across all categories.Will Coldwell (The Guardian)

Low-cost airline Norwegian rejects two takeover bids from BA owner

Last month, the owner of British Airways, International Airlines Group (IAG), announced that it had acquired a 4.61 per cent stake in Norwegian. It added it was ‘intended to establish a position from which to initiate discussion’, including the possibility of a full offer for the firm. But in an analyst presentation, IAG said it had so far failed to reach an agreement with the carrier.Jennifer Newton (Daily Mail)

Why Ryanair Is Hungry for Acquisitions

The thinking is Ryanair Holdings will evolve probably into a holding company not dissimilar to IAG over the next two to three years. I also think there will be other opportunities within the M&A space, not that we will lead in that space. But for example, if – I mean if an IAG or somewhere Lufthansa were to acquire Norwegian, for example, I think it’s inevitable that there would be significant competition divestments coming out of that, and we would certainly want to play a role in any kind of competition divestments that will arise out of a restructuring or a takeover by an either Alitalia or a Norwegian or any of the any of the other loss-making airlines at the moment. And at group structure, again, model on the IAG structure would enable us to build some scale to participate in those kind of processes.Michael O’Leary (Ryanair)

Aerodrom Maribor pridelal 1,7 milijona evrov izgube, Kitajci še vedno vlagajo vanj

Mimogrede, predsednik nadzornega sveta Delavske hranilnice te dni predstavlja svojo novo knjigo “Kako do dobre banke”. ?Žiga Sancin

The 10 best places to visit in Europe in 2018

1. Emilia-Romagna, Italy; 2. Cantabria, Spain; 3. Friesland, the Netherlands; 4. Kosovo; 5. Provence, France; 6. Dundee, Scotland; 7. Small Cyclades, Greece; 8. Vilnius, Lithuania; 9. Vipava Valley, Slovenia; 10. Tirana, Albania.Lonely Planet

Guizhou: China’s next big travel destination?

Not three feet of flat land, not three days without rain, not a family with three silver coins.A local saying in Guizhou

São Tomé und Príncipe: Schokoladenparadies auf Konfetti-Inseln

Der Tourismus steckt noch in den Kinderschuhen, obwohl der Archipel atemberaubend schön ist. Im unberührten, auf Vulkangestein wuchernden Urwald schwingen sich Makaken durch das Blättermeer von Baum zu Baum. Krächzende Papageien mit Federn wie von einer psychedelischen Farbpalette sorgen für die einzigen Laute in urzeitlicher Stille. Riesenbegonien, Königsfarne, Orchideen und Hibisken werden von rauschenden Wasserfällen benetzt. Von traumhaften, menschenleeren Sandstränden aus kann man Buckelwalen und Delphinen zusehen, wie sie durch die türkisfarbenen Wellen pflügen.Rob Kieffer (FAZ)

Low-cost airline launches budget flights from the UK and US to India

WOW air service will launch the services in December departing from London Gatwick, via Reykjavik’s Kefavik Airport and then on to Delhi. Meanwhile those in the US can fly from Newark, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago O’Hare, Pittsburgh, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles and St. Louis. Again these will include a stopover in Iceland before a 10-and-a-half hour flight to the Indian capital. Prices from London start from £149 one-way while flights from the US will start from $199 one-way. The airline will also use the brand new Airbus A330neo aircraft on the route, and the service will fly three-times a week from December 5 but will increase five times a week in January 2019.Jennifer Newton (Daily Mail)

Hotels Experiment With Pop-Ups to Attract New Audiences

There are a couple of different ways the hospitality industry can meld with the pop-up platform. One way is by developing temporary accommodation spaces. The other is by serving as a host for pop-up businesses.Laura Powell (Skift)

How Seoul transformed a disused overpass into a garden in the sky

?Žiga Sancin

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