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Lorighittas: an all-but-lost Sardinian dish

Sometimes lorighittas were prepared by unmarried young women and teenagers who would hang the pasta on their ears after drying them under the sun. They’d pretend that these were real jewels since not everyone had access to gold back in these days.Agostino Demontis (Pomodoro Restaurant at Cervo Hotel)

Bombardier’s Renewed Focus on Regional Jets Is Paying Off

Delta on Wednesday agreed to purchase 20 of Bombardier’s CRJ900 aircraft valued at about $961 million based on list prices. The deal followed an agreement with American Airlines Group Inc. in May for at least 15 jets, and brings the total order tally for the CRJ family to 1,953 since the planes first began flying in 1992. […] Customer interest in the CRJ in the U.S. and other regions has been boosted by a new cabin, called Atmosphere, which Bombardier introduced last year. The company is now considering whether to use the cabin — which features larger overhead storage bins — on its Q400 line of turboprop planes to spark sales.Frederic Tomesco (Bloomberg)

World’s biggest airport plan approved in UK

Vocal opponent Boris Johnson — the UK’s foreign minister, who once said he would “lie down in front of the bulldozers” to stop a third runway being built — missed Monday’s parliamentary vote because he was out of the country.Barry Neild (CNN)

Lufthansa could be making a bid for Norwegian Air

Acquiring Norwegian would give the German airline a significant foothold in the UK, access to valuable slots at Gatwick and a fleet of modern Boeing 787 jets. Norwegian could dovetail well with Lufthansa’s budget brand, Eurowings, which has a rapidly expanding long-haul market — helped by the collapse last October of Air Berlin. But there is also speculation that the main aim of the German airline is to up the price that arch-rival IAG might possibly pay for Norwegian — including a premium to keep Lufthansa off its home turf.Simon Calder (The Independent)

Lisbon Is Thriving. But at What Price for Those Who Live There?

Some residents complain a dual economy has emerged, split between those who deal in property and tourism — and the rest. They also decry the “Disneyfication” of Lisbon, which they see in new shops, like “The Fantastic World of the Portuguese Sardine,” where tourists can buy a can of fish with their birth year on the label.Raphael Minder (New York Times)

Emirates Airlines’ new planes may have virtual windows instead of real ones

The virtual windows can be found in the first-class cabin of Emirates’ newest Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The virtual windows were originally announced last year as a way for the airline to ensure that every first-class suite had a window—even if they were in the middle of the plane. Each of the plane’s center suites had a set of three panels mounted on the wall, which looked like regular oval airplane windows, but were, in fact, a high-resolution display showing images of the outdoors beamed in from cameras. While it sounds like a recipe for claustrophobia—and I can’t afford to test it myself—the reviews of the virtual windows are quite positive.Melissa Locker (Fast Company)

Boeing gets the go ahead for 77x megajet with folding wings

The plane will have the widest wingspan of any aircraft: 235 feet, five inches (71.8 metres), making it wider than four 53-foot (16-metre) semi-truck trailers parked end to end. It is so big, Boeing has developed hinges on its wingtips. The hinges will fold up, allowing the plane to shorten its wingspan when it’s rolling across airport taxiways, the first design of its kind on any commercial airliner.Annie Palmer (Daily Mail)

Ryanair Will Add a Base Near London Despite Strong Brexit Opposition

Ryanair will station three planes at Southend, 45 miles from the U.K. capital, operating flights to 13 cities in eight countries.Kaye Wiggins (Bloomberg)

How an outrage over crispy chicken united South-East Asia

Rendang originated from the Minangkabau people of Indonesia’s West Sumatra region. Rendang is a traditional Indonesian and Malaysian slow-cooked dish of meat, coconut and spices. Due to the Minangkabau people’s trade relationship with India, it is believed that rendang is a close relation to Indian curry.Sarah Keating (BBC)

Four ways people ruin their holidays, according to the world’s most well-travelled man

Bourdain strongly advises against planning your time in minute detail, explaining that tightly-packed schedules leave little room for spontaneity, which he hails as one of the prime joys of travelling as this allows you to discover untrodden paths and local treasures. […] Rather than simply looking at what recommendations people have made, the TV host suggests writing fake posts claiming that you’ve just returned from a particular restaurant or hotel and had a wonderful meal or stay there, then you can make your judgement based on the comments that follow. […] While Bourdain doesn’t advocate being too mercenary when it comes to choosing your accommodation, he suggests swapping expensive hotel chains for more unique boutique options or charming rented apartments that reflect the local culture. […] Bourdain says too many of us are moving at lightning speed when we travel, eager to get to the next place without stopping to absorb the culture around us.Olivia Petter (The Independent)

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