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Month: September 2018

Make way for the world’s first autonomous tram

The world’s first autonomous tram went on its first ride in Potsdam, Germany, last week. The AI-powered train quietly rolled along a 3.7-mile section of test track through the city in real traffic, even slowing down for teenagers who forgot to look both ways before crossing the street. The only difference between your average inner-city tram and this one was that the conductor wasn’t touching the controls, but was just along for the ride, according to the Guardian.Melissa Locker (Fast Company)

Genussreise in Kroatien: Istrien ist die neue Toskana

Wer sich heute, knapp drei Jahrzehnte nach Überwindung der Cevapcici-Diktatur, durch diese mediterrane Gegend probiert, findet vielerorts Menschen mit Pioniergeist, die aus hochwertigen lokalen Zutaten Spezialitäten von überragender Qualität zubereiten. Diese neue Generation von Winzern und Köchen, Trüffelsuchern und Olivenbauern beweist: Istrien braucht sich hinter den Genussregionen West- und Südeuropas nicht zu verstecken.Sönke Krüger (Die Welt)

Hotels in Barcelona see income plummet 20%

You do not have to invent anything, all you have to do is manage the city well with a strategy and a clear and ambitious project, imposing a change of criteria with respect to the tourism and leisure sectors. Barcelona has to generate a high quality offer, trying not to increase the low-level tourist offer.Jordi Clos (Barcelona Hotel Association)

Rocky Mountains: Vierzehntausend Fuß über den Dingen

Eine Wanderung zweier Männer hatte vor über hundert Jahren den Umweltschutzgedanken vorangebracht: John Muir und Präsident Roosevelt durchstreiften das Yosemite Valley. Muir überzeugte Roosevelt, das Valley zum Nationalpark hochzustufen. Grundgedanke ist, dass die Schutzgebiete nicht dem Staat gehören – sondern seinen Bewohnern. Wie eben auch der Staat seinen Bewohnern gehört; und nicht Einzelnen, die daraus Profit schlagen wollen. Die Befürchtungen, dass die Naturschätze unter Trump angegriffen werden, sind groß.Barbara Schaefer (FAZ)

Tourism Websites Are Being Redesigned to Get Way More Personal

If a site isn’t mobile-friendly, or images are dated, or answers take too many clicks to get to, it’s virtually game over for a tourism website.Dan Peltier (Skift)

The Turkish city that lives for breakfast

Van and breakfast are synonymous in Turkey, and Van-style breakfast restaurants have opened to fanfare in Istanbul and Ankara, serving regional delicacies such as the famous otlu peynir, a slightly crumbly, potent cheese spiked with an herb called sirmo, locally referred to as ‘wild garlic’. And while some of these establishments may be representing the city well, to truly experience the famous breakfast, you need to go to the source.Paul Benjamin Osterlund (BBC)

New Zealand to launch £18 ‘tourist tax’ for visitors entering the country

The money accumulated by the new tax will be spent on tourist amenities including car parks, toilets and walking track maintenance, and conservation projects such as native planting, breeding programmes and predator eradication. It is expected to raise up to NZ$80 million (£42 million) a year for these projects.Freya Ellingsen (The Independent)

Paris official wants to ban Airbnb from the French capital

Do we want Paris to be a city which the middle classes can afford, or do we want it to be a playground for Saudi or American billionaires?Ian Brossat (Deputy mayor of Paris, French Communist Party)

The ‘Taiwanese burger’ taking over the world

Until a few years ago, these delicacies had been savored by few beyond Taiwanese food aficionados. But after they hit the streets in New York in 2009, they’re now popping up everywhere.Maggie Hiufu Wong (CNN)

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