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Hoe de Chinezen VLM lieten crashen

Een aandeelhouder die werkt als barman, een eigenaar die vecht met zijn CEO, een dronken nieuwjaarsfeest in Slovenië. Reconstructie van de hallucinante doortocht van de Chinezen bij de opgedoekte luchtvaartmaatschappij VLM Airlines in Antwerpen.Lukas Vanacker (De Tijd)

Four Wow Air planes handed back as cash crisis worsens

Due to the continuous negative events all our lessors, creditors and authorities have been monitoring the situation even closer and demanding stricter payment terms then before further putting pressure on our cash flow. As a result, our Q4 results are materially worse than originally anticipated.Skuli Mogensen (Wow Air)

Adria Airways hoče v Evropo pripeljati ruska letala SSJ100

Import / Export. 😂Žiga Sancin

Premium Economy Isn’t Really Economy Class. Why Does It Have the Name?

I’m beginning to think the airline industry is like fashion: If you wait around enough, old ideas will come back into style.Brian Sumers (Skift)

Singapur im Wandel: Jetzt ein Schwimmbad!

Der derzeit beste Stop-Over der Welt.Barbara Liepert (FAZ)

Passenger who asked for water claims he was given cup of ice

😂Žiga Sancin

We’re Reimagining Our Travel Journalism. Tell Us What You’d Like to See.

Now, people can much more easily visit places themselves, and they don’t necessarily want our take on a place; they want the tools to discover it for themselves and find their own take on it.Amy Virshup (New York Times)

What a million-dollar ski vacation looks like

Where there were once wooden fondue rooms and raucous nightclubs, there are now crystal-encrusted showers, Krug and truffle picnics in the snow, burnished gold swimming pools and multi-Michelin star meals — next to which the actual skiing often pales by comparison.Melissa Twigg (CNN)

Lufthansa’s Digital Hub Launches Software Unit to Help Others Sell Travel Better

Yilu, which launched in July but has not been disclosed until now, runs as an independent unit. Its first client is Eurowings, Lufthansa’s low-cost carrier brand. Already Yilu is powering new options on Eurowing’s mobile app to book ground transportation from the supplier MyTaxi, a Hamburg-based aggregator of taxi service worldwide. The company invented a way for MyTaxi’s content to become bookable on Eurowings’s app via a new API. While Yilu’s first client Eurowings is a sister Lufthansa brand, the new company intends to work with a variety of airlines, hotels, and other travel suppliers.Sean O’Neill (Skift)

Business Class: Hier bin ich Mensch, hier darf ich’s sein

Der größte Luxus für alle Bildungs-, wenn auch nicht alle Buchungsklassen bei Qatar Airways ist aber ein denkbar simples, menschliches Bedürfnis: Als Qsuite-Gast isst man dann, wenn man Hunger hat, und nicht dann, wenn es die Dramaturgie des Fluges den Passagieren vorschreibt. Ein Wink an das Personal genügt, und schon stehen ein orientalisches Kerzenimitat mit Arabeskenmuster und drei verschiedene Brotsorten auf dem Tisch, ganz so, als wäre man in einem Sterne-Haus.Jakob Strobel y Serra (FAZ)

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