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Month: February 2019

Bosnia’s intriguing dessert made by 12 hands

Tebe su pravile lijepe djevojke da bi okupile svoje drage momke. Momci alčak bili – šećer posolili, posolili pa se sami počastili.traditional Bosnian song

New airplane seats could transform economy

British design company LAYER has devised a prototype seat, designed for use in Airbus economy cabins on short to mid-haul flights, that promises to deliver heightened comfort levels. Dubbed “Move,” this concept seat is made of a fancy fiber that’s connected to built-in smart sensors — allowing passengers to manually control seat temperature, tension, pressure and movement, all via an app on their phone. The app will also let passengers know when it’s time to get up and stretch their legs or take a sip of water.Francesca Street (CNN)

TUI and Thomas Cook Face Up to Bleak 2019

What’s interesting is that both companies highlight similar challenges. They are blaming the hot European weather from summer 2018, destination-specific challenges in places like the Canary Islands as well as problems in the key UK market, stemming from Brexit. […] From what both companies are saying it’s clear that the overall European holiday market is in bad shape, especially for traditional tour operators. It therefore seems likely that we’ll see some form of consolidation over the coming months.Patrick Whyte (Skift)

(foto) To je Batageljev hotel na Jezerskem za več kot 500 evrov na noč

😮Žiga Sancin

Etihad ‘restructures’ plane orders amid fiscal turbulence

Once making headlines in 2013 for fleet purchases valued at $67 billion, Etihad has seen its strategy of rapidly buying stakes in other airlines to expand its global footprint expose it to major losses. In its last two reported financial years alone, the airline hemorrhaged nearly $3.5 billion in losses. Full-year results for 2018 for the company are expected in the summer.Jon Gambrell (Associated Press)

Airbus to stop making A380 ‘superjumbo’ aircraft, risking 3,500 jobs

Airbus has announced it will end production of the world’s biggest passenger plane, the A380 “SuperJumbo” model, by 2021. The admission of long-term failure comes after Emirates, the largest customer of the A380, reduced its order from 162 to 123 aircraft. The Dubai-based airline has opted to take smaller A330 and A350 jets instead.Simon Calder (The Independent)

Airbnb just hired Virgin America’s former CEO as chief transportation officer

Rumors of Airbnb’s flight ambitions first made headlines at the end of 2016. The company was reportedly considering a dabble in flight booking. There were also discussions to acquire a flight booking app and sketched drawings of Airbnb’s logo on planes, according to the Information. Around the same time, Chesky queried the masses on what the ideal flight might look like. In addition to flights, Airbnb has kicked around the idea of connecting travelers with ground transport–anything from a car to pick you up at the airport to rentals or car shares.Ruth Reader (Fast Company)

The tasty tradition of Taiwan’s midnight meals

While most countries only have three meals a day, Taiwan worships food so much that there’s a fourth and final meal: the midnight snack, or xiaoye in Chinese. That means while most of the world is winding down after dinner and getting ready for bed, the wakeful people of Taiwan are gearing up for their late-night ritual – which is, bluntly put, to hit the open streets and nosh until their jeans are ripping at the seams.Leslie Nguyen-Okwu (BBC)

The ‘Winter Friday’ Off Is Now a Thing

Welcome to the club! 🤗Žiga Sancin

Schlemmen statt Skifahren: Einmal Hochgebirgshummer mit Almaustern, bitte

Courchevel mag der vornehmste Skiort Frankreichs sein, ein französisches St.Moritz ist es aber nicht, keine Manege der Eitelkeiten voller Glitzer, Glamour und prunksüchtiger Grandhotels, sondern eine nonchalante Mischung aus Reichtum und Bodenständigkeit, Luxus und Lokalpatriotismus, klandestiner Dekadenz und uniformem Chalet-Stil. Die Haute Bourgeoisie der Grande Nation verbringt hier geschlossen ihren Winterurlaub, auch all die notorischen Schönen und Berühmten sind da, wollen aber lieber unerkannt bleiben, und selbst die neureichen Slawen passen sich der diskreten Tonlage an.Jakob Strobel y Serra (FAZ)

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