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Month: July 2019

Sarawak: Warte, bis es dunkel wird

😲Žiga Sancin

Google to Congress: We’re Not a Travel Monopoly

So when Google is marketing itself to potential advertisers, it emphasizes the primacy of Google Maps and Google search — and for good reason. But, as with Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, when Google sends its economic policy guy to a Congressional antitrust hearing, he put the best spin on the issues, and suddenly consumers start there searches on Holiday Inn or Do they begin on Google? Nah, apparently not so much.Dennis Schaal (Skift)

Boeing to pay airlines $5bn for 737 Max grounding

At present 737s are being produced at a rate of 42 per month. Boeing’s figures assume that the production rate will rise to 57 per month in 2020, and that all the aircraft produced during the grounding will be delivered within “several quarters” following the plane’s return to service.Simon Calder (The Independent)

United Airlines is canceling 45 flights a day due to Boeing’s ill-fated 737 Max planes

United Airlines’ fleet of Boeing 737 Max planes will remain grounded until November 3, ensuring that more than 8,000 flights will be canceled. That’s 45 flights per day this month, a number that’s expected to rise to 95 per day in October, per the Associated Press. […] Meanwhile, Boeing’s 737 project manager is planning to retire after just one year in the post, according to CNBC. The turbulence is apparently taking its toll.Claire Miller (Fast Company)

Boeing 737 Max’s Problems Force Ryanair to Cut Back Its Growth Plans

Ryanair said the slowdown in growth would prompt it to reduce flights or even close its bases toward the end of this year at some of the airports it served. Mr. O’Leary said the cuts were “directly caused” by Boeing’s problems with the 737 Max.Amie Tsang (New York Times)

Dutch airline KLM calls for people to fly less

Maribor Airport: your gateway for flying less! 😂Žiga SanciN

Norwegian Air’s Long-Serving CEO Departs as Airline Pushes For Higher Profits

Kjos’s departure comes as Norwegian tries to move from a period of rapid growth to one of profitability. In recent months, it has cut back routes and bases in an effort to make more money. Earlier this year it raised $353 million through a share sale to avoid breaching financial covenants. […] Norwegian’s operating profit in the second quarter improved dramatically, rising 305 percent to $72.8 million but because of substantial interest expenses pre-tax profit fell 70 percent to $9.7 million. Revenue increased 19 percent to $1.4 billion for the three months to the end of June.Patrick Whyte (Skift)

Saudi airline cancels Boeing 737 Max order and switches to Airbus

In December 2018 the Saudi budget airline, Flyadeal, signed a deal with Boeing worth up to $6bn for 30 of the latest version of the 737 – with an option for 20 more. But the airline has switched the order to Boeing’s rival, Airbus, with a new agreement for the the same number of A320 Neo aircraft.Simon Calder (The Independent)

Reise zu den Kleinen Antillen: Die weiße Pracht

Was aber ist es, was Anguilla so anziehend macht? Es muss diese unaufgeregte, fast heitere Form von Abgeschiedenheit sein. Sie ist wie ein Geheimnis, das man mit Freunden teilt und vielleicht auch mit Fremden, die man sympathisch findet, sonst aber lieber für sich behält. Wie ein verstecktes Lieblingslokal, eine einsame Badestelle, ein Fleckchen im Wald, an dem Steinpilze wachsen. Etwas, das man nicht mit allen teilen möchte. Orte wie Anguilla bieten, ohne dem Zeitgeist nachzulaufen, eine Reduzierung, die sehr zeitgemäß wirkt. Die Dinge des Lebens. Vom Einfachen das Beste. Das mögen Schlagwörter sein, aber es sind auch Reduzierungen, die dem reizüberfluteten Großstadtmenschen des 21. Jahrhunderts immer reizvoller erscheinen.Christian Eichler (FAZ)

Airbnb launches Adventures, its foray into extreme tours

The adventure industry has also undergone something of a makeover in recent years, making it more approachable. The word “adventure” used to be associated with skydiving and cliff jumping. Now it refers to hikes, food tours, and yoga retreats under the umbrella of cultural immersion.Ruth Reader (Fast Company)

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