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Month: October 2019

The full list of Lonely Planet’s best places to travel in 2020

Top country: Bhutan; Top city: Salzburg, Austria; Top region: Central Asian Silk Road; Top best value: East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.Lonely Planet

What Japan can teach us about cleanliness

Most first-time visitors to Japan are struck by how clean the country is. Then they notice the absence of litter bins. And street sweepers. So they’re left with the question: how does Japan stay so clean? The easy answer is that residents themselves keep it that way.Steve John Powell & Angeles Marin Cabello (BBC)

LAX: Uber, Lyft curbside pickup to end around Halloween; shuttle will be required

Starting at the end of October, instead of hailing rides curbside right at the airport, passengers flying into LA and using taxi or rideshare apps will be required to take shuttles to designated holding lots to connect with drivers. Drop-offs will still be permitted on the airport’s upper deck.Carly Mallenbaum (USA Today)

The world’s first combination ski slope-power plant is finally open

This ambitious public infrastructure project boasts furnaces and turbines that convert 440,000 tons of waste into clean energy each year—enough to provide 150,000 homes with electricity and heating. All of this is held beneath the 107,639-square-foot green roof (which absorbs heat, removes air particles, and minimizes stormwater runoff). This biodiverse landscape doubles as a sporty architectural rooftop with 96,875 square feet of artificial ski terrain—the same length as an Olympic half-pipe. Visitors can reach this dynamic roof, which also includes slopes for beginning skiers and freestylers, by ascending on either a platter lift or a glass elevator—both of which run alongside the gilded, 24-hour plant within.Evan Nicole Brown (Fast Company)

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