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Month: April 2020

Embattled Boeing enjoys skyrocketing stock price despite devastating revenue losses

Boeing unveiled plans to pare back production in line with demand, which would reduce its monthly output of 787 Dreamliners from 14 to 7 in the next two years, and 777 twin-jets from 5 to 3 per month in the next year. For its 737 Max, formerly Boeing’s best-selling airplane, it’s targeting a “gradual increase to 31 per month” following the restart of production, which is reportedly slated for mid-2020. Boeing also said it would eliminate 10% of its jobs, roughly 16,000 positions, through buyouts, attrition, voluntary layoffs, and involuntary layoffs.Connie Lin (Fast Company)

The Coming Future Of Travel, In 100 Questions

Žiga Sancin

Where now for travel? Lonely Planet closures point to an uncertain future

I don’t think the current crisis is going to end the role of the traditional guidebook – whether it’s in print or digital. I’ve already got the new LP guidebooks for travels I had intended to make later this year.Tony Wheeler (Lonely Planet)

Southwest Airlines CEO says flyers needed soon to avoid drastic steps

If things don’t improve dramatically over the May, June, July time period, we’ll have to prepare ourselves for a drastically smaller airline.Gary Kelly (Southwest Airlines)

Qatar Airways is increasing flights while other airlines stop flying amid coronavirus lockdown

Having downsized our operation a little bit about a week ago, we’re now upscaling again: adding additional flights to some destinations, putting on bigger aircraft – for example our A380s are back in the sky now.Simon Talling-Smith (Qatar Airways)

Is Hiroshima the true home of okonomiyaki?

London has jellied eels. Valencia has paella. New Orleans has gumbo. And Hiroshima has okonomiyaki – a signature dish that defines the identity of the city.Steve John Powell & Angeles Marin Cabello (BBC)

Wizz Air Turns to Repatriation Flights

The carrier is deploying 10 percent of its fleet and 200 staff in the effort, which included its first ever transatlantic flights as Airbus jets acquired to serve Europe’s tourist boom zig-zagged across the United States and stopped in Iceland for fuel.Marton Dunai (Reuters)

Boeing 787s need to be turned off and on again every 51 days

The flaw with the software sees data clogging up the systems of the 787 and feeding false information to pilots for various key metrics. For example the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) directive states airspeed, attitude, altitude figures given to both pilots could all be wrong.Joe Pinkstone (Daily Mail)

Taiwan: Die Götter hätten uns keinen anderen Rat gegeben

Der Taipei 101 ist der ganze Stolz Taiwans und sollte es für alle Zeiten bleiben, als er 2004 als höchstes Hochhaus der Welt eröffnet wurde: eine Siegessäule der Willenskraft im Erdbebenland, an deren Spitze die Ingenieure eine sechshundertsechzig Tonnen schwere, frei bewegliche Stahlkugel aufgehängt haben, um den Turm bei Erdstößen zu stabilisieren; und ein 508 Meter messendes Triumphfanal in Form eines stilisierten Bambus, das die Überlegenheit der Hochtechnologie-Nation Taiwan gegenüber dem Parvenü vom Festland für jeden sichtbar machen sollte.Jakob Strobel y Serra (FAZ)

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