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Month: June 2020

Boeing shares soar after company cleared for 737 Max tests

Fifteen months after the Boeing 737 Max was grounded worldwide, the planemaker is starting test flights that it hopes will lead to the aircraft returning to commercial service.Simon Calder (The Independent)

Südkoreanisches Spa: Dem Glück saunah

Jeder sauniert anders, das lernt man im Ausland schnell. Damit eine Sauna-Erfahrung sich exotisch anfühlt, muss also einiges passieren. Willkommen im Jjimjilbang, dem traditionellen koreanischen Badehaus: Früher war es die Gemeinschaftsdusche fürs ganze Viertel, heute ist es auch für Touristen mit kleinem Budget mehr als eine Sauna, weil man in den Schlafsälen günstig übernachten kann. Aber das ist nur die volkstümliche Variante; inzwischen hat sich auch eine edle Spa-Version des Jjimjilbang entwickelt. Der wesentliche Punkt bleibt gleich: Man schwitzt angezogen.Julia Bähr (FAZ)

Where is Malaysia’s national dish?

Ultimately, one could argue that nasi lemak is not just a simple rice dish. It’s a shared national identity. And sometimes that is territory best left untouched.Brenda Benedict (BBC)

Business Travel Has Stopped. No One Knows When It Will Come Back.

In a survey this month by the Global Business Travel Association, a trade group for corporate travel managers, nearly all its members said their employers had canceled or suspended all or most previously booked or planned international business travel, while 92 percent said all or most domestic business travel had been canceled or suspended.Jane L. Levere (New York Times)

Pet slovenskih restavracij z eno zvezdico, Hiša Franko pa kar z dvema

⭐️Žiga Sancin

The History of Food Photos, From Still Lifes to Brunch ‘Grams

It’s absolutely about identity, whether that’s personal, cultural, or political.Susan Bright

Emirates Lays Off More Pilots, Cabin Crew as Part of Thousands of Job Cuts

Given the significant impact that the pandemic has had on our business, we simply cannot sustain excess resources and have to right size our workforce in line with our reduced operations.Emirates

Brazil: The last frontier of gastronomy?

Many of Brazil’s food experts believe that manioc is the foundation of the country’s cuisine.Janet Forman (BBC)

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