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Month: October 2020

Gochujang: The trendy Korean food that burns

Gochujang hits several different flavours at once – spicy, yes, but also sweet and salty with an underlying umami note called gamchilmat in Korean. It’s an irreplaceable taste; maybe that’s why 21% of South Koreans pack gochujang when travelling abroad, according to Yonhap News Agency.Erin Craig (BBC)

Hard Truths From Singapore’s Reopening Gambits

What Singapore is doing with green lanes, bilateral and unilateral reopening is putting its chess pieces in position to regain its air hub status and attractiveness for investors and visitors alike. Its next chess piece is regaining its status as one of Asia’s top venues for international meetings, a market that contributes $2.8 billion (S$3.8 billion) to Singapore’s economy before the pandemic. This is beginning at home, where on Monday, 150 participants of the Singapore International Energy Week piloted a rapid or antigen test on-site. All tested negative. The result, valid for 24 hours, was delivered via mobile, which gained them the entry badge to the event. Antigen tests deliver results in minutes and are cheaper — said to be around $22 in Singapore — compared with a PCR test, which costs about $147 but is more accurate.Raini Hamdi (Skift)

The Island Brokers Are Overwhelmed

One of the biggest advantages of selling islands amid a pandemic, brokers say, is that clients are more flexible about location. British buyers who were once fixated on Greek islands are now excited about isolating in the Seychelles or the Irish Sea. Americans’ and Canadians’ enthusiasm for the South Pacific has recently been superseded by interest in closer shores in the Bahamas, Belize and Panama.Heather Murphy (New York Times)

Träume vom Überschall: Amerika und die Machbarkeit

In den Vereinigten Staaten wird das Scheitern der eigenen Überschallpläne immer noch vielfach als nationale Schmach empfunden. Am Ende gelang es nur der Concorde als technischem Wunder der Sechziger, bis 2003 im Liniendienst zu stehen, ein finanzielles Desaster war aber auch sie.Andreas Spaeth (FAZ)

Can airport testing and Covid immunity passports unlock travel?

For now, testing is seen as the way to free travelers to roam about the planet. It is clear, however, travelers must proceed with caution. The fact remains that solutions designed to open up travel remain clunky. But the rapid progress being made means it is only a matter of time.Kathryn Creedy (CNN)

Japan’s unknown indigenous cuisine

Most of the world will not have heard of Japan’s indigenous people, let alone their food. The Ainu are the original inhabitants of Hokkaido, who have called this island and parts of the surrounding region their home for many thousands of years, living on and with the land. Unlike the Japanese, who practiced rice farming, the Ainu traditionally hunted, foraged and fished. Their food culture was rich and vibrant – and had a distinct and lasting impact on Japanese cuisine.Ellie Cobb (BBC)

British Airways CEO Alex Cruz Replaced by Aer Lingus Boss Sean Doyle

Analysts suggested that a number of high-profile blunders at BA under Cruz, including a data breach for which it was fined $230 million in 2019, and an IT failure in 2017 which left tens of thousands of passengers stranded, would not have helped his cause. Cruz was also at the helm last year when BA pilots went on strike for the first time, costing the airline more than 137 million euros.Sarah Young (Reuters)

Lindt’s museum has world’s tallest free-standing chocolate fountain

🍫Žiga Sancin

Rome Fiumicino Airport awarded world’s first five star coronavirus safety rating

Skytrax praised Rome’s Fiumicino Airport for its effective signage and information systems, as well as its in-house Bio-Safety Team of 40 staff who facilitate social distancing and ensure compliance with face covering usage in high movement areas. In the wake of coronavirus, Rome Airport has reorganised operations so that check-in and arrivals are assigned to Terminal 3, while Concourse Gates E is dedicated to departure and transfer flights. The airport is also testing several UV sanitisation methods aimed at further enhancing hygiene levels at high-contact points, such as escalators and lifts. Joanna Whitehead (The Independent)

Airlines, Facing a Painfully Slow Recovery, Begin Furloughing Thousands

Boeing, which was already struggling because of the worldwide grounding of the 737 Max, has had to slash production across the board and is cutting its work force by more than 10 percent. On Thursday, it said it would consolidate production of the 787 Dreamliner, a wide-body jet designed for longer flights, to just one factory, in South Carolina, as the pandemic has sharply reduced the number of planes airlines are buying.Niraj Chokshi (New York Times)

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