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Month: November 2020

Pakistan’s ingenious solutions to life

Totkay speak to Pakistanis’ memory of their former selves. The custodians of these cures are often grandmothers who have lived through Partition, war or both. Sharing totkay is a vestige of their resilience and resourcefulness. During rampant political turmoil or imminent famine, totkay were powerful portals into a world of healing: not alternatives, but medicine itself.Aysha Imtiaz (BBC)

Airbnb files to go public: Here’s what it says are its 6 biggest risk factors

Before the pandemic, Airbnb was valued at more than $30 billion, making it one of the world’s most valuable startups. The company laid off about 25% of its staff in May and has since emphasized its focus on local travel. The IPO filing comes as COVID-19 infections are increasing in some of the company’s hottest markets in the U.S. and Europe, underpinning the extent to which Airbnb’s future is dependent upon the effectiveness and successful distribution of a vaccine.Christopher Zara (Fast Company)

FAA certifies troubled Boeing 737 Max to fly again, but critics fear jetliner’s ‘basic aerodynamic problem’

The troubled airliner’s return to the skies won’t be immediate, even with the ungrounding order. The planes will need to be refitted with improvements ordered by the FAA, and pilots will need to be retrained in procedures. American Airlines, one of the largest operators, plans to have the planes flying again on Dec. 29 starting with a single round trip between New York and Miami. The airline recognized some travelers may be hesitant.Chris Woodyard (USA Today)

Best in Travel 2021 – Awards for regenerative travel – Lonely Planet

😲Žiga Sancin

Ryanair boss optimistic for summer 2021 but says ‘winter’s a write-off’

This winter’s a write-off. Our booking profile, which would normally be run over a 12- to 15-week period is now down to basically four or five weeks. November’s normally a bad time of the year anyway. The real issue for us as an industry is: can we rescue some level of recovery for Christmas, and after that, nothing I think will happen until we get to probably Easter.Michael O’Leary (The Independent)

Opinion | Winter Is Coming for Bars. Here’s How to Save Them. And Us.

If we really want to stem the spread of the coronavirus as winter looms and we wait for a vaccine, here’s an idea: The government should pay bars, many restaurants and event venues to close for some months.Elisabeth Rosenthal (New York Times)

Coronavirus UK: Heathrow Airport records £1.5BILLION loss for 2020

Heathrow Airport today lost its status as Europe’s busiest airport as it recorded a loss of £1.5billion in the first nine months of the year due to Covid-19. Passenger numbers between July and September were down by more than 84 per cent compared with the same period in 2019, leading the west London hub to be overtaken by Paris Charles de Gaulle as the busiest in Europe.Dan Sales and Jack Wright (Daily Mail)

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