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Month: January 2021

Pictured: Zaha Hadid’s stunning sci-fi-style linked skyscrapers

😲Žiga Sancin

Boeing 737 Max given green light to fly in the EU

We have every confidence that the aircraft is safe, which is the precondition for giving our approval. But we will continue to monitor 737 Max operations closely as the aircraft resumes service.Patrick Ky (EASA)

Vaccine passports ‘essential’ for resumption of international travel

Much ado about nothing.Žiga Sancin

China’s Hotel Recovery Falls Off Rails Amid New Coronavirus Flare-Ups

China has had prior setbacks in its recovery, like a Beijing flare-up last summer. But the government typically responded with relatively quick, targeted lockdowns that were lifted after a couple weeks. The current surge is the worst flare-up seen in China since early last year and is a stark shift for a country widely seen as having best handled controlling the spread of the virus due to strong command from the central government.Cameron Sperance (Skift)

The erotic origins of Italy’s most famous sweet

Legend has it that in the Sicilian city of Caltanissetta during Arab rule (around 1000AD), a harem of women created the treat – a fried, tubular pastry shell made of flour, sugar and butter that’s filled with sweet and creamy ricotta cheese – to exalt their emir’s masculinity. While this story can’t be proven, as there are no written records, the notion of erotic pastries dates back centuries.Agostino Petroni (BBC)

Former city airport runway is transformed into a stunning park

What was once a 6,000ft (1,830m) long airport runway in Shanghai is now a stunning park containing 2,227 trees, 82 plant species, a beautiful sunken garden, cycle paths, a playground and a bird-watching grove.Jennifer Newton (Daily Mail)

When will international travel return? Here’s what we know right now

When you don’t have a coordinated global approach, it’s very difficult for the industry to go forward, especially when you have the rules of the game changing basically every single day.Luis Felipe de Oliveira (Airports Council International)

‘Stay Alive and Survive’: Ski Resorts Brace for a Pandemic Season

Even before the pandemic, the ski industry was laboring to build interest in the sport. The number of skiers has stagnated in the past decade, according to the National Ski Areas Association. Adrienne Isaac, a spokeswoman for the trade group, said resorts have tried to make skiing and snowboarding more accessible for newcomers, but have grappled with perceptions that they primarily cater to the rich and white. Climate change also continues to affect snowfall, she said, which can lead to shorter seasons.Kellen Browning (New York Times)

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