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Month: February 2021

‘Travel is coming back,’ says Airbnb, as it beats revenue estimates in first earnings

We will see a shift from mass travel to meaningful travel. And with more people working from home, there will be more flexibility around where and when they travel.Airbnb

What it’s like to have a ski resort to yourself

In France, ski resorts are open for visitors to come and enjoy the mountains, but the lifts remain closed. To fill the potential chasm in the resort economies, marketing teams have been busy on social media trying to lure tourists with the attractions of fresh air, stunning scenery, mountain walks and alpine ambiance.Rob Hodgetts (CNN)

U.S. Airline Passenger Numbers Fall to 1985 Levels

The collapse in travel demand brought with it record losses. The six largest U.S. airlines racked up $43.8 billion in pre-tax losses in 2020.Edward Russell (Skift)

Auswilderung in Argentinien: Zurück in die Wildnis

Die Esteros del Iberá, dieses Universum aus Wasser, Schilf und Morast, fünfmal so groß wie Luxemburg, ist nach dem Pantanal in Brasilien das zweitgrößte zusammenhängende Feuchtgebiet der Erde und ein unberührter Flecken Erde.Fabian von Poser (FAZ)

Malaysia’s humble ‘king of noodles’

I don’t remember how old I was when I started. But char kway teow is all I know.Uncle Tan

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