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Month: April 2021

The Chinese noodle dish whose name doesn’t exist

In past centuries, Shaanxi’s biang biang noodles were little more than a humble local dish, mostly consumed by time-strapped workers who didn’t have occasion to artfully pull thin noodles. Compared to other noodle varieties from north-west China, biang biang were less known outside of Xi’an. But they were a comforting and beloved staple among locals, for whom the backstory and written character were common knowledge.Megan Zhang (BBC)

The huge Covid-test price differences at airports around the world

🤑Žiga Sancin

Emirates boss predicts quick bounceback for aviation

I’m very optimistic about what’s likely to happen during the course of the back three calendar months of this year.Tim Clark (Emirates)

Air France-KLM Secures $4.7 Billion From French Government

The French government will convert a $3.55 billion loan extended to the group last year into a hybrid instrument and commit up to an additional $1.18 billion to a planned share issue, raising its stake in Air France-KLM to almost 30 percent.Laurence Frost and Dominique Vidalon (Reuters)

How Bad Was 2020 for Tourism? Look at the Numbers.

Around the world, international arrivals are estimated to have dropped to 381 million in 2020, down from 1.461 billion in 2019 — a 74 percent decline. In countries whose economies are heavily reliant on tourism, the precipitous drop in visitors was, and remains, devastating.Stephen Hiltner and Lalena Fisher (New York Times)

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