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Month: September 2021

Pictured: The ‘Domino Tower’ that will be built off Zanzibar’s coast

The tower will be built on a 370,000 m sq (3,982,646 sq ft) man-made island linked by a bridge to the west coast of Zanzibar, 15 minutes from the Unesco World Heritage site of Stone Town – and within the destination complex will be a dazzling array of features and amenities.Ted Thornhill (Daily Mail)

Putrajaya: The capital city you’ve never heard of

No politician has left as large an imprint on Malaysia as Mahathir. Malaysia has been an independent nation for 64 years, and Mahathir was prime minister for 24 of those, with his second leadership stint ending in 2020. While his tenures were tinged with controversy, Mahathir’s aggressive development strategies helped Malaysia build one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies in the 1990s. Several of Kuala Lumpur’s largest monuments testify to his ambition – chief among them the massive Kuala Lumpur International Airport and the iconic 452m-tall Petronas Twin Towers. But his boldest project of all was Putrajaya, Malaysia’s “other” capital city.Ronan O’Connell (BBC)

As Travel Rebounds, Airlines Are Figuring It Out on the Fly

All of the history, all of the old practices that airlines used to follow to decide what was scheduled to fly and what prices to charge, had to be thrown out the window.Jim Barlow (Amadeus)

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