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Month: March 2022

Africa’s global biodiversity hotspot

This year, after creating a sophisticated zoning plan and completing extensive conversations with representatives from the country’s tourism, fishing, petroleum and conservation efforts, the island nation is prepared to fully implement the landmark Marine Spatial Planning Initiative it announced several years ago: to protect 30% of its ocean territory.Alba Jaramillo (BBC)

In San Francisco, an ambitious long-distance trail promises to be a hiker’s dream, skirting one of the world’s greatest natural harbours

The San Francisco Bay Trail is a series of pathways that skirts one of the world’s greatest natural harbours. It currently stretches about 560 kilometres, and once complete will reach roughly 800 kilometres — or the distance from Toronto to Quebec City. The route will allow hikers and cyclists to navigate around the entire Bay Area, across 47 cities, 130 parks and seven toll bridges.Jim Byers (Toronto Star)

Thousands of Planes Are Flying Empty and No One Can Stop Them

Aviation analysts are split on the scale of the ghost flight problem. Some believe the issue has been overhyped and is likely not more prevalent than the few airlines that have admitted to operating them. Others say there are likely tens of thousands of such flights operating—with their carriers declining to say anything because of the PR blowback.Chris Stokel-Walker (Wired)

Österreich: Hinter weißen Wänden

Und wie baut man einen Iglu? Zuerst einmal braucht es ein passendes Grundstück.Stefan Nink (FAZ)

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