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Month: August 2022

Greek Party Islands Chill Out

This is my moonshine. You know moonshine? You’ll try moonshine?Antonis Argyros (Art Space Winery)

The A380’s biggest supporter is asking Airbus to build a new super jumbo

The math tells you that you need a big unit, much bigger than we’re getting at the moment. The biggest one will be the 777-9, whenever that comes to market, which in our configuration will seat 364 people against 484 on the A380s with our new premium economy. And it was 519 before, so you get where I’m coming from.Tim Clark (Emirates)

The next fried-chicken craze?

Even if the recipe of the masala is known, many other factors come into play: the time the bird is rested after it is slaughtered, the duration of the marination process and the frying (under-fried but not under-cooked) process.Khaja Maheen

Ryanair boss: Era of airline’s €1 and €10 fares to Europe is OVER

Travel experts say that the price increase is being caused by a combination of rampant inflation and a surge in demand since the end of lockdown restrictions. But the impact of long periods of grounded flights, rising costs and savage air industry job cuts during the crisis have left some carriers struggling to meet the demand.Jack Wright (Daily Mail)

An abandoned Berlin airport is being transformed into a climate-neutral, car-free neighborhood

The plans call for wide bike lanes and green spaces. At the edge of the neighborhood, there will be access to micromobility and existing public transit. The neighborhood will allow limited access to cars (people who are disabled, for example, will be able to drive up to their buildings), but will otherwise be car-free.Adele Peters (Fast Company)

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