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Month: September 2022

Badis in der Schweiz: In Zürich schwimmen manche sogar zur Arbeit

Heute ist die Schweiz eines der reichsten Länder der Welt, doch die Badis, ursprünglich Arme-Leute-Institutionen, sind noch immer essenzieller Teil des Schweizer Savoir-vivre. Hat ein Städtchen oder Dorf in der Eidgenossenschaft Kirche und Rathaus, hat es meist auch eine Badi oder zwei. Badi ist helvetisches Kulturgut.Michael Braun Alexander (Die Welt)

Qatar Airways named world’s best airline at the ‘Oscars of Aviation’

1. Qatar Airways; 2. Singapore Airlines; 3. Emirates; 4. ANA; 5. Qantas Airways, 6. Japan Airlines; 7. Turkish Airlines; 8. Air France; 9. Korean Air; 10. Swiss.Skytrax

TGV unveils high-speed trains of the future

In 2022, we don’t want to go faster.Philippe Molitor (Alstom)

Iraq’s answer to the pyramids

As I carefully climbed the grand staircase leading to the flat upper floor, I could still see bits of bitumen between the broken bricks. I also spotted a small, inscribed brick that recognises Saddam Hussein for his partial reconstruction of the monument in 1980. The upper terraces and the colourful temple have long been destroyed and lost to time. But across the nearly flat expanse of desert, I could see small mounds scattered throughout the area waiting to be excavated, no doubt hiding a world of treasures yet to be discovered.Geena Truman (BBC)

Europe’s Hotels Risk Lights Out in Energy Crisis Spawned by Ukraine War

Nearly every hotelier across the Continent is planning for soaring energy costs. Russia has slashed the supply of natural gas — which is critical for generating electricity and heat for many European businesses. Energy prices are at historic highs as countries work to boost supply. While European lawmakers promise about $280 billion (€280 billion) in relief to businesses and consumers, the crisis appears to be outpacing the planned aid.Sean O’Neill (Skift)

Move over JetBlue. This German airline has the wildest branding in the skies

Unlike most airlines, which focus their branding on the tail, and sometimes the winglets, Condor went, well, all in. The look will even trickle down to striped scarves for crew members and stripy towels for business class passengers.Elissaveta M. Brandon (Fast Company)

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